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Hello! How do you do everyone. Today I’m talking about automatic landing sequence on the Boeing 747-400 but it equally applies to the Boeing 747-400ERF and the -8 too. I have set up the simulator at 5000 feet in simulated dense fog at Anchorage, Alaska. This will let you see the LVO (Low Visibility Operations), that would warrant such an approach and landing. The most important requirements for such an approach are that 1). Pilots are trained and qualified to conduct a Low visibility approach with autoland. 2) The aircraft systems are serviceable for the approach. 3) The weather allows for such an approach to be flown and that 4) ATC have given approval for the approach and the ground equipment is also in working order on an approved runway.
The Boeing 747 is fitted with 3 autopilots for redundancy with each autopilot controlling the aircraft by a separate hydraulic system to manipulate the flight controls. Power sources electrically are also split for redundancy on approach. In general three categories of minimums are applied in Low visibility operations. They are termed CAT 1, CAT 2 and CAT 3. Category 3B requires no minimum descent height/altitude and is employed for automatic landing to zero feet. That is what I will show you in this clip. Notice that even though at localiser capture, all three autopilots are operational, only one is actively controlling the aircraft until 1500 feet to touchdown when they all work together- any autopilot not participating correctly is disengaged and the approach may need to be downgraded with different minimums but that is for another video. It requires concentration to monitor the progress throughout the approach and mainly looking at the PFD and ND, listening for alerts, cautions, calls from other pilot, transmissions from ATC and other aircraft too. It is dependable and I have had to do a number of them in my time in the B747. Hope you like it- ‘Chi Di Gin!’ Later!😀✈️✈️✈️✈️

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