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Hyperlapse Boeing 747 Night takeoff from Zhengzhou Airport.

CAL Cargo flight 812 Zhengzhou(ZHCC)-Liege(EBLG)

I took this the video from the Observer seat.

Go Pro 7 Black.



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  • Great hyperlapse! Great channel! I also use the Hero7Bl for this kind of filming ;-). Happy landings & regards from FRA

    • Thanks. I'm kind of disappointed form the GoPro 7 black. I'm still learning. Do you have any recommendations for Cockpotview settings? Sometimes the sun exposure kill all my footage.

    • @747Pilot To me, your footage looks pretty nice (for a GoPro). The small sensor just has not that ability to capture a high dynamic range, for example your first T/O from LLBG to me looks fine with the sun but it shows that the camera can't handle it better with in- and outside shots. I prefer to point the camera outside during daylight and during twilight conditions or at night I like cockpit shots. As for the settings, whenever possible ISO max 100 for best possible quality (and longest possible shutter speed), at night preferably not higher than ISO 1600 due too the grain, but in post editing I set the dark tones sometimes higher to reduce the visible grain. Sharpness medium and GoPro color, that's my setting. Just uploaded a LHR video with a setting sun and had to deal with the darker cockpit. But as for this it is an improvement compared to the Hero 6, so let's hope future models will handle it even better. Regards

  • Just a question. In the long range cargo flight, are they allowed to flight only with 2 crews ? Thanks for the amazing videos

  • Typically, and on average, how many pounds of fuel do you normally land with, not exactly, but generally speaking?

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