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Fun fact: This is the first wave of 14 new orders for UPS, both 747s and 767s, and the registration N619UP is already active as a hot air balloon! Unfortunate that it had to break up the N6**UP continuity

Hey there guys!
Can you remember the last time I uploaded? Anyway, I was making my way past Paine field yesterday (11/10/2019) when a peculiar aircraft popped on radar. I waited about 45 minutes before it decided to come alive. I was hoping for a departure for either Moses or a return to Everett, but I’m just glad I caught it active before its inevitable ferry to Portland for paint.

I am predicting a lot of questions about where my Micro Lego Plane series has gone, and I just have to say I cant see any new ones in my future. Feel free to reach out to me over Instagram @meckster_28. I’ve demonstrated how to build plenty for an entire micro airport, and I believe I have exhausted my best techniques. If I built any more, they would start looking alike and wouldn’t posses the same individual identity my current fleet has. Enjoy the video!


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