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Boeing 747 N732PA was being operated by the Boeing Company for the purpose of ferrying the aircraft from Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington, to the Renton Airport. During an approach to a landing at Renton, the aircraft struck an embankment approximately 20 feet short of the threshold of Runway 15. The ground contact point was approximately 30 inches below the top of the bank and the runway level. The aircraft came to a stop on the centerline of Runway 15, approximately 3,500 feet beyond the threshold. Eleven persons were on board, including the crew. None was injured. Small fires broke out in the No. 3 engine wing strut and the No. 4 engine forward of the tail cone. These were immediately extinguished. Structural damage was confined to the right wing landing gear, right flap assemblies, and the Nos. 3 and 4 engines and their cowlings. The significant weather reported at 1112 for the Renton Airport was scattered clouds at 4,500 feet and broken clouds at 6,500 feet. The visibility was 13 miles and the wind velocity was 20 knots from 1200 true.

from: https://youtu.be/3D9PlMdQwDc

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