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On a recent short trip to Canberra, I had the opportunity to fly home through Sydney on the ATR. My first time being a passenger of a regional turboprop, wasn’t a bad flight at all! Overall rating of the aircraft is good, unfortunately I don’t have any comparisons against the Dash 8 or S340s to show. But the fight was smooth and short, no recline in the seats although what do you expect from a commuter/regional aircraft. Plenty of legroom for myself (I’m 6ft tall), it did feel a bit claustrophobic seated and even standing up, my head almost touches the ceiling. But overall a good aircraft. I was sitting in 5A which basically means first on and last off, if you sit up the front you’re as far away from the main door as on the ATRs the main entrance door is at the back of the aircraft.

The video is from engine start up, pushback and departure from Canberra and mid final into Sydney.

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