Home » Commercial » ATR » Tailstrike + Go Around Aer Lingus Regional ATR72-500 @ Birmingham Airport | 01/08/13

Whilst waiting for the Inaugural Air India 787 to land i caught this on camera. It seemed to do its approach as normal but as it touched down on the runway it bounced and then hit the ground again, it was declared a go around and as it pulled up the tail hit the runway! After it had lifted up the ATC asked the fire service to do a runway inspection and to look for debris. The second time it landed successfully.

**Aircraft Info**
Airline: Aer Lingus regional (Operating for Aer Arann)
Aircraft: ATR-72-500
Tail Number: EI-REO
Flight Number: REA4KN
Age: 5,3 years
Engine Type: 2 x PWC PW127F

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