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Since Hi Fly launched flights with Norwegian Airlines from Gatwick to New York with the A380 problems have overridden the potential of the new addition to the route. In today’s video, I discuss the problem with the Hi Fly A380 during its operations with Norwegian.

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  • The big airlines don't want Norwgian to succeed thus they are using every trick they can to disrupt Norwegians flight plans even if it means claiming priority over gates

  • They should have gone to Boston. Only one A380 flight a day into Boston. How long will the A380 be used by Norwegian?

  • I used Norwegian Premium for my trip from JFK to LGW. The service of the flight attendants was poor, they didn’t seem confident enough to deliver the best service. My flight was first scheduled to leave at 23:00, and then it was delayed for a set time of 03:00 in the morning. As we were in the airport I decided to see what I could get with my vouchers, since the lounge was closed at that time. The people in the shop limit you to only snacks and drinks. At 04:00 we boarded our flight, but our departure was delayed even more after ATC couldn’t get information for the flight plan for a long time. We eventually took off at 05:00. Overall, I think this is very poor by Norwegian Air and I hope that I can get good compensation out of it.

    • All i can say is you get what you pay for. In other words for example don't expect a $15,000 india car to have the same trim an performance of an $200,000 Italian car. Or don't expect a $80 a night hotel room to have the same amenities as an $5000 a night room in Las Vegas. Whats the best service from a company that pays bottom of the barrel wadges to nobody but contracts to those to work the flights that have no connections with the owner of the logo that painted on the plane itself? just sayin

    • Haha. Your best B757 were RR engines. Your best Lockheed Tristars were RR engines. Tons of B747 with RR engines. Your V22 osprey RR engines. Your Lockheed C130s RR engines. Your new F35 joint RR engines. Your VIP Grumman bizzjets RR engines. Most of your hughes helos are RR engines. Your great WW2 Mustang RR spitfire engines. Your rocket programme was German ww2 material as was your first sabre fighters. Even your first jet engines were given you by RR. Your cars cant sell in Europe or anywhere else as they,re so poorly designed and manufactured and uneconomical to run. Even your racing cars cant match F1 british and european technology, so they just drive round in circles in top gear ! Maybe you,re just too fat to fit in a RR Silver Shadow or an Aston Martin or a Ferrari. Oh dear pride is painful isnt it ?

  • Sort of explains one of the reasons the yanks don't want to use the A380, they don't want to spend money improving their airports. Still, I can't see them buying it anyway due to national pride.

    • LOL, the A380 serves no purpose for routes within the North American continent (about 100,000 flights a day), so only a limited number of airports on the East and West coast needed to be upgraded to accommodate the A380s.

  • Modern aviation is essentially a system of systems that all have to work together so that plane X is at place Y to pick up passenger Z all at the right time taking into account crew availability, aircraft breakdowns, weather and a gazillion other variables. Then somebody roles up wanting to just slide into this hugely complex and carefully planned system of systems at a moments notice. Well, maybe once or twice you’ll get accommodated for the common good, but make it you business model and those who’ve invested major time and money into making the system work are going to be unhappy. It was a naive idea from day one and I’m surprised an experienced airline even tried it. But, if they asked up front I suppose the extra fees they’d be charged so they can essentially fly a huge plane anywhere they want when ever they want would make it uneconomical. Air travel is relatively cheap because it’s a planned, integrated system with scheduled worked out well in advance. The system needs some flex, but that costs money so the flex has to be small and reserved for to fix the unforeseen. If a company deliberately uses up that flex then everybody else suffers except the few people on that plane. That’s why it was doomed from the start.

    • The blade issue is on the trent 1000. Isnt that on the B787 not on the A380 ? Thats why Norwegian leased the A380 whilst their Dreamliner engines were being fixed. I wasnt aware of RR problems on A380s.

  • Based on the content, the airline had teething problems and erroneous strategies which can be minimised later thus, the title should've read: Why the NORWEGIAN AIRLINES A380 service had an initial disaster. Original title seems like clickbait.

  • Could they not do a temporary work-around by parking them on the apron, then using mobile steps to disembark the passengers into buses carrying them to the terminal gate, as is frequently done at smaller airports?

    • And with much smaller planes. I have flown regional jets where this is frequently done, and there was no problem, but I sure would not want to disembark a full A380 in this fashion.

  • Gates are not the problem, but some airport restrictions are to blame. All problems can be fixed right away, while the airport rules suggests the use of tubes but there are stairs as replacements to the tubes…

  • Regardless, the moose of the skies requires special gates. But that is only part of the picture.
    -Many airports cannot accommodate the moose.
    -Other airports don't want to spend the money for special gating.
    -Beyond gate schedules, there is ground traffic considerations and sometimes, only certain runways are usable.
    -Regional airports often move more passengers and have more flights that simply don't justify cramming a moose in.
    -The moose needs a greater occupancy to justify the absurd costs of operation above and beyond fuel.
    Thus the moose will always be relegated to certain airports and require additional time to prepare for each flight. Conversely, the twin engine jets in overall flights per year are running circles around it and the newer twins are giving regional airports international service ability without the headache that comes with cramming a moose into the cattle chute.

    • "Heads up Slim, we gotta moose comin' down the cattle chute." "No worries Festus, I'll just double-tap him and chainsaw off them antatalers."

    • Sheila Walker: damn Skippy. What a stupid idea to begin with. I don't think they got the memo that there is such a thing as "too friggin' big!" With the 747s gone, it'd be much more profitable to size those gates back down to bring in more room for the normal sized planes. I flew on one of the first generation 737s. They work just fine. The days of the hub airports, especially here in the US, are becoming obsolete as the smaller jets can run just as long, just as well, and fly point to point instead of some of these ginormous hubs. Ain't nothing wrong with an RJ 900 or an Angry Puppy. They get the job done, and done well.

  • I'd be disappointed if I bought a ticket for a 787 only to be transferred to an A380. Who wants to cross the Atlantic packed in with 500 other people, especially into congested areas like New York? The 777 or A350 or similar planes would be better options for Norwegian because they don't present such difficult logistics problems.

  • Honestly, kudos to Norwegian for at least trying to solve the issue. For instance, JetStar Australia just cancelled our flight due to the Trent1000 issue and offered a replacement flight which was 28 hours later than the original (which would have totally messed up our travel plans). When we applied for a refund and chose to fly on a different airline, they refused to compensate us for the price difference.

  • One major point is that Norwegian is an budget airline and does not join the club of airlines who help each other then they get problems.
    This also has limited access to repair facilities they can use, its cheaper to have the passengers wait a day.
    And yes this issue is overblown, internally in Norway and to EU destinations they are cheap and nice even used a lot for business flights:
    However if you fly multiple jumps you want the one you paid for the ticket to be responsible for the secondary flight.

  • The first thought I had, and I stil lam left with is… why on earth would anyone at Norwegian even begin to think that maybe even a single A380 would make any sense for them at all? Their loads, demand and capacity is nowhere near that of an airline that should start to look into upgrading to jumbo aircraft… they could've instead made the overall and incredibly smarter choice, and simply rented the use of some other equal or near-equal sized aircraft instead to takeover for their failing B787s. And also as usual, Boeing showing they're no longer worth their hype, not even close haha

  • Asks' "Will BREXIT impact airlines like Norwegian who pick-up and drop on-bound passengers in the UK ?" How will this impact aircraft bought or leased for "Euro-The-World" sectors ?? // Or have I got something very wrong ?

  • Doh Doh Doh, did anyone check to see if airports could accomodate it before they decided to build this colossal beast? This beast requires 3 gates to efficently unload passengers!!

  • the HiFly A380-800 will be better served for full service airlines like Vistara, Oman Air, Fly Dubai, SAS, Virgin Atlantic & Virgin Australia

  • US pigs dont like european's high tech…
    Yet they fill their crappy airports with 50's Boeing crap…the MAX is following the deadly steps of the killer 737.

  • Out of LGW, slot restrictions are in place so simply changing the schedule doesn't work as you are limited by the departure and arrival slot times.

  • If at an airport they don’t find a gate that fits the A380, why don’t they park the airplane at the aircarft parking places, and make the boarding and deboarding with stairs and buses?

  • A strategy that requires airports to spend considerable sums of money to accommodate your airplane, and your airplane only, is a failed one. Given that the bottom fell out of the A380 order book, not many airports are going to be in a hurry to spend that money. Airbus bet on big…and lost

  • All of this may be due to Airbus aircrafts sucking mansack? They're garbage, so what airport would want to accept em? It's only funny cuz it's true….

    • They fly A380 into little Bali island , indonesia, no problems. They modernised the airport a few years back. I flew lufthansa A380 singapore to frankfurt 12 hours fantastic flight. A380 also fly into tiny Birmingham airport UK no probs. Sorry if US airports are so primitive.

  • The A380 is a strange choice to replace the 787. They are very different airplanes. Maybe Norwegian got a particularly good deal on the A380.

    • @C.K. B The majority of the aviation industry, that's who. After they fill their current orders this plane is out of production. It's a failure and you're in denial.

    • @Abir Alvi the wing rib issues are still present . Engines arnt showing a very good track record. Delays at airports , special gates ,special tow equipment special runways …oh it's special all right

    • @Abir Alvi Engines shattering in mid flight with hundreds of souls aboard. Ya it's advanced alright. You keep riding in these guppies if you like .I'm out

    • Yeah right, 747 is elegant, rugged ,versatile AND makes money instead of losing it! and it has been doing it for 50 years!

    • Complete incompetence by Airbus is the problem. The old "build it, they will come" fantasy bit them in the rear end.
      FAILURE is the consequence. Does not good blaming everyone else.
      Part your pig somewhere else…it's stinking up the neighborhood.

    • @Chris S wheres the stink from an A380 ? They dont smoke any more than a B747. I flew Lufthansa A380 singapore to frankfurt 12 hours in economy it was a fantastic flight.

    • American and Delta have large hubs at JFK, and consequently, have the lion's share of the gates there. Jet Blue also has a significant footprint at the airport. Only so much room at JFK, and a relatively small amount of airlines operating the A380 in and out of there, so why would a budget airline hope to get priority at such an airport?

    • No one hates the A380, very nicely engineered plane, however, airlines are in business to make money, and in that regard the A380 is an abysmal failure.

  • The tail is so huge, it dominates the plane, I don't know what to think of that plane, it's nice I guess while it's still in operation.

  • This is like buying a 1970s land barge of a car and expecting everywhere you go to resize their parking spaces for you. Ahh…ummm…how 'bout…NOT!
    Airbus built a pig of an airplane that just doesn't fit anywhere.
    Then I'll bet you're the same person who complains about the fat passenger next to you who has 1/4 of their body on you and your seat.
    Can't have it both ways. You either admit the 380 is a failure due to its size or stop complaining about fat people rolling their flab on you.

  • It's interesting re: Rolls Royce Trent engines. I'm retired airline pilot — our B-757s had the RR engines, but an earlier version. Having gotten used to Pratt/Whitney and GE engines, the "3-spool" RR concept was
    interesting. But, we adapted through training.

    Guessing the "Trent" is RR biting off a big chunk….I'll stick with GE and Pratt/Whitney all the way.

  • 1.00 Passengers booked in a higher class will get a free upgrade? What does this mean? If you book premium economy you'll automatically get bumped to business? Or book business get bumped to First?

  • Have a jiffy with Airbus? Want to hear only bad news registered airbus and all praises for the Boeing? Follow DJ Aviation. What is with you and Airbus mate? Grow out of your hate for once SERIOUSLY!

  • Say bye to these 380s their not going to have their leases renewed. Gonna be a lot of these parked soon maybe then the wing root issue will, get resolved. .Thank heavens. Clogging up airports, long load and deplaning times, special tow equipment clobbering runways on landings. Patience has been taxed with these guppies. Qatar Quantas Hong Kong and Emerates are all canceling orders. Amazon might buy them. Haul packaging

  • "Coral reefs will be gone by 2050" Bullshit, virtue signaling climate change wankers! They deserve to fail, sooner the better!

  • In a lot of ways the A380 was a mistake, for the amount of money Airlines have to invest to modify their facilities just to operate a couple of these airplanes I don't think it's been worth it, and now since the A380 production line is going to be shut down soon it's going to make it less likely Airlines going to want to invest in the A380 even on the used Market

  • Just disembark on the runway and shuttle over. Cheaper to build covered ramps then an entire terminal. For 5 or 10 flights. Turkish Airlines in Instanbul does 90% of easy to get lift truck for handicap patrons there flights that way. They are all going to imigration anyway. I've walked for miles it seems like at some airports like Amsterdam. 380 days are numbered. Cheap and easy.

  • A shame you had to rely on so many library pics and vids for this. Totally unnecessary and misleading. As for the so called facts, not all of them are true.

  • Rolls Royce has gone down the route of diversity hires. IE they’ll higher a non White or some other kind of minority in preference. Results will be inevitable.

  • It's coming to Boston from Rome August 13, owing to the 'broken' 787 Norwegian encountered the other day with bits and pieces falling from the sky. I believe it will land and depart again well before Boston's Terminal E gets busy.

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