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The A380plus is the new and improved A380, the largest customer of the A380, Emirates still haven’t ordered this new version, but why? In today’s video, I explain why Emirates aren’t big fans of the A380plus, what they want in a new A380 and more!

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  • thanks for the timestamp/hyperlink 🙂
    i think they should help retrofit the existing aircraft, the winglets and a new engine options is probably inevitable anyways.

  • Let's see, airlines cannot fill all the seats already… let's add more seats to reduce cost except we can't fill the ones we have now! For those who don't know, Singapore which ordered four of the A380s has decommissioned two of them recently, after 9 years of use, to leave them with two left (on the JFK-Frankfurt-Singapore route). Just another reason why Airbus is abandoning this platform.

  • When Airbus told the airlines who fly this thing that it cannot be a freighter due to weight, it pretty much killed the A380. For Emirates to buy 747-8F's for cargo? Come on!

  • thanks DJ for a great video as are all your videos. I am planning to go to Seychelles with using A380 to Abu Dhabi as I can then go on the last section using Airbus A320; since I prefer to use Airbus planes and not using any Boeing planes.

    • The program did cost a fortune but most of that went into R&D that would've been necessary anyways. If they skipped the A380 then instead the A350 would've been that expensive to design. Also, even if this aircraft isn't as successful as it should've been, I wouldn't want to live in a world witouth this magnificent aircraft.

  • Ooooooohh. Emirates is jealous of A380 Airplanes. So passengers will like Emirates. Watch out everyone there comes the king of the A380s😝😝

  • I think airbus should rethink their strategy. Airlines like Emirates have made a huge success of the A380 as is, so 11 across economy seems to be absurd. Fuel economy is always good but increased capacity at the expense of passenger care is a no-no. Of course bringing the price down through economies of scale you would have thought would be the way to go. But what du Airbus do, rather than cut their price they decide to not make the aircraft instead. What happened to the cargo version?

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