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These unbelievable crosswind landings by Airbus A380 during a storm are wonderful and plane spotting is more exciting.

Who wants to take a roller coaster ride in an Airbus A380? Yesterday a storm crossed the Netherlands and I filmed my first Airbus A380 go around at Amsterdam Schiphol. The pilots had to deal with wind gusts up to 45 knots and the crew of this Airbus A380 decided to abort the landing attempt and go around. The go around procedure of Schiphol’s runway 18R is amazing anyway, but watching an Airbus A380 turn into a sharp right turn after the go around is something you usually only see at the Paris Air Show.

The second landing attempt was difficult as well but the pilots handled everything in a professional way. The Airbus A380 is a stable aircraft and although I often film at airports during crosswind conditions I have never seen an A380 crew initiate a go around within the past seven years.

I also included a few Boeing 747 crosswind landings and other big planes I filmed yesterday at Amsterdam Schiphol. The traffic was great, just the rain was a little annoying but I am quite content with the footage and it was totally worth it.

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