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Welcome to Schony747 planes on a Friday featuring the Airbus A380 Aircraft at Melbourne Airport and Sydney Airport. If you enjoy this weeks video hot the like button and hit the bell to subscribe to Schony747.

The Airbus A380 is popular among plane spotters but becoming less popular with airlines as some of the A380 are either retired early or returned to the plane lease company by the airlines. The A380 production is coming to an end with Airbus deciding to discontinue the production line of the A380.

Have a great weekend. Here is a list of Airlines featured – Brenden S.

00:13 – 02:21: Qatar Airways
02:22 – 04:21 : Malaysia Airlines

04:22 – 07:47 : Singapore Airlines
07:48 – 11:14 : Qantas
11:15 – 14:34 : Emirates
14:35 – 16:05 : China Southern Airlines
16:06 – 19:32 : Etihad Airways

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Filmed Melbourne Airport, Sydney Airport
Filmed in 4K – Edited in 4K

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