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Today’s video features a slice of the action from the morning/afternoon rush. Conveniently littered with heavies for you to enjoy!

Aircraft Information:

#Qatar B777 to Canberra QR 906
#China_Southern A330 to Guangzhou CZ 602
#Cathay_Pacific A330 to Hong Kong CX 110
#Korean_Air A380 to Seoul KE 122
#Japan_Airlines B787-9 to Tokyo JL 772
#Emirates A380 to Christchurch EK 412
#Qantas A380 to Hong Kong QF 127
#Thai B747 to Bangkok TG 476
#China_Southern A380 to Guangzhou CZ 326
#Cathay_Pacific B777 to Hong Kong CX 162
#Qantas B747 to Johannesburg QF 63
#Singapore_Airlines A380 to Singapore SQ 232


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