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A few hours spent at MAN today during the tail end of Storm Atiyah, the strong gales had all but subsided leaving a stiff wind from the south – Despite being forecast to gust over 45 knots the wind peaked at around 30 knots. No go arounds sadly but still an excellent array of crosswind landings. Ranging from a rocking Emirates A380, a VERY firm Lufthansa A321 touchdown, Flybe Dash’s getting blown off the centreline and a Royal Air Maroc 737 wing waving onto 23R. Not the best storm video I’ve done by a long way but hopefully interesting nonetheless.

I also hope this video goes some way to show the skill and professionalism of everyone who keeps the aviation industry moving even in these unfavourable conditions!

Thanks for watching!

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  • That flyegypt was a cracking catch. Excellent footage although the wind wasn't as bad as we anticipated. Liked ✈️ 👍

  • Great video – thanks very much for braving the grotty weather for us! Excellent camera skills to match the efforts of the pilots/flight crews. Now… where did I put that flask of coffee and my marmalade sandwiches… 😉

  • Hey, did I see Petter, the Mentour Pilot waggling the controls towards the end? Whatever. They were all "Doing absolutely fantastic!"

  • Ah the 380 has no issues with wind really that landing at dusseldorf goes to show the amount of work the pilots have to do with literally one hand and a small side stick to get one of them beasts down

  • The A380 is just an engineering masterpiece. I'm sad they're going to go away. Airlines are just greedy. The A380 is perfect.

    • @Aviation LBA Well in my line of work, people travel daily. Long haul. Thousands of people every year. We've had people requesting to be booked on flights that have the A380 only. Beautiful doesn't make it better. The passenger comfort and the silence is what makes it good. The A380 is way more advanced than the 747. Just look at the cockpit alone. So you can say what you like. I've never seen people even say, "oo I MUST fly on a 747" but I do see people say "I HAVE to fly on the double decker plane".

    • You’ve never seen people who want to fly on a 747? Evidently, you live under a rock. Plus, the sound is what makes it raw! Aviation enthusiasts WANT the loud noise from the engines. Go listen to the RR RB-211 engines on the 747 + 757, they sound spectacular. I see no reason to continue this argument. G’day.

    • @Aviation LBA MOST people are NOT aviation enthusiasts. They WANT a silent fuss free flight. Look at what short work the A380 makes of all its landings even in bad weather. Whether you like it or not, the A380 is a marvel. Take your bias elsewhere Boeing fanboy.

    • I’m not bias, I love airbus. I am just telling the truth, and I didn’t say that most people WERE aviation enthusiasts. But, the people who are mostly prefer the A380. It’s obvious. Go look at videos about the 747, they are so many people trashing the A380 in the comment sections of those videos lol. G’day.

  • I worked a massive construction job at an international airport. One of the largest airports in the world. I worked 14 hour days and was driving thought taxiways most of the day. I had very good views of runways. I have seen some amazing things happen. I’ve seen tail strikes. I’ve seen a tire blow. I was stopped by a flagger one time to let a plane back out the ramp. Usually planes are never allowed to use reverse thrusters at this airport to pull away from ramps. Well… I watched a smaller plane use reverse thrust to back away from the ramp… and when they hit the throttle it kicked up some large object. I looked over just in time to see something fly forward and then it was like a curveball and went right into the intake. There was a huge puff immediately followed by a flame that lasted for only a split second. The ground crew frantically waved their arms to the pilots. The pilots immediately stopped. The ground crew ran under the plane and plugged in what looked like a headset to talk to the pilots. They appeared to talk for all of about 30 seconds. Ground crew walked away. Plane fired its reverse thrusters back up and it continued its push back. The plane never stopped to get inspected at all. I watched it taxi out and take off.

  • I know nothing but may I say it's breathtaking to watch and wonder, might the pilot get a buzz from using their extensive skills and abilities to bring these huge planes down. The Airbus looked more stable than some. Just awesome. Thank you.

  • Ale wiatr miota tymi samolotami, patrzyłam z ciarami na plecach, ale zdolność,dali radę wylądować uffffff👏👏👏👏👏

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