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Have you seen an aircraft with two full decks and four huge engines? Good chance that it could have been an Airbus A380, also known as the “whale”, “superjumbo” or “king of the skies” nicknamed after its huge size and passenger capacity. Seen here are multiple A380s landing or taking off with an immense power. The Airbus A380 made its first flight in 2005. It was designed to fly between big cities as hubs. “Only” 242 A380s were delivered, with 11 to be delivered. Emirates is the biggest A380 user with 114 aircraft delivered and 8 more on order. There was a plan to build an A380Neo (New Engine Option) to make the A380 more fuel efficient but the plans stranded. Unfortunately for aviation enthusiasts and costumers (who usually love the spacious aircraft) some airlines are now rapidly phasing out the Airbus A380 as it is to big to fill with passengers and due to very low demand caused by COVID-19. Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Qatar Airways, Thai airways and Malaysia airlines have (temporarily) stored the A380s for long term parking. Luckily we still have the videos 😀 ENJOY!!S

*Note*: Yes I know the Air France, ANA and HiFly A380s are missing, but I haven’t had the chance to film them, so they are not included 😉
⇊ For more info & Aircraft shortcuts⇊

✈Plane shortcuts✈
00:00 A380-841_________China Southern
01:15 A380-841_________Thai Airways
02:11 A380-841_________Malaysia Airlines
02:53 A380-861_________Emirates
04:10 A380-841_________Asiana Airlines
05:07 A380-841_________Lufthansa
06:22 A380-861_________Etihad Airways
07:00 A380-861_________Korean Air
07:54 A380-841_________British Airways
08:58 A380-841_________Singapore Airlines
09:53 A380-841_________China Southern
11:19 A380-842_________Qantas
12:18 A380-841_________British Airways
12:58 A380-861_________Emirates (PSG livery)
13:45 A380-841_________China Southern
14:51 A380-861_________Qatar Airways
15:45 A380-841_________Asiana Airlines
19:04 A380-841_________Lufthansa
20:06 A380-861_________Emirates
21:15 A380-861_________Emirates
22:30 A380-841_________British Airways
23:09 A380-841_________Malaysia Airlines
23:55 A380-861_________Emirates
24:38 A380-841_________Malaysia Airlines
24:52 A380-861_________Etihad Airways

Video’s taken at: Amsterdam Schiphol airport, Frankfurt airport, London Heathrow and New York JFK airport
Video’s taken on: 2017-2020
Camera: Sony HX-400V
Tripod: Manfrotto MT055XPRO with an MVH502AH Videohead.

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