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Airbus has no plans at the moment to launch a replacement to its A380, the world’s largest passenger plane! In today’s video, I discuss why and take a look at some of the implications that could have on carriers like Emirates.

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  • If Emirates is so concerned about their limited slots then just have Airbus build them 10 or 20 more a380s instead of closing down the program.

  • I will never see a replacement. Twins are and will be permanent in aviation. The 350 doesn't compare nor another aircraft Airbus builds. The 47 , unlike the 380 will continue as a freighter with the 777X as a very close comparison with pax availability and the ability as freight hauler. Perhaps AB may develop an larger twin as Boeing has, however, they have firm success with the ULR platform and the 350. A new aircraft is not in my opinion in the cards.

  • How about an A380 Trijet, with the GE9X. That’s one less engine to worry about maintaining, and we get to see those beautiful trijets again. 🤔

    • Pablo Herasme are you talking about UA 232 if you're it was a fan disk fracture no explosion but it damaged the tail and that meant the plane couldn't turn left
      And the cause of the fan disk failure was due to excess nitrogen when making the fan disk and the plane had the faulty fan disk for 17 years and UA maintenance didn't spot the crack

  • There has proved to be no need for a A380 replacement..it is a very niche market. The fact that less than 300 will be built !!!

  • Are you aware they was a engine fire on the Philippines airlines from Lax to Manila. Thankfully everyone was safe after a emergency landing at lax airport. I praise the crew for making sure everyone is safe.

  • Anyone else imagine Emerates board meetings starting with the spin of a big wheel to determine what future fleet plans are for Today? There is probably one section that says "Buy A-220's" and a opposite one that says "Cancel A-220's."

  • The only thing that would close to an A380 replacement is a small double full length decker twin with 7 across in economy on the main deck and 4 to 6 on the upper deck. It would need to be close to length of 757-300 but would need 50%+ composite usage in order to reduce the weight which would allow 2 engines such as GE9X to be used

  • As much as I would prefer that this wasn’t the case, is anyone really shocked by this? We all kinda knew this was coming. Even if the A380 could have been a profitable aircraft, it would have been entirely limited to ultra-high density routes and nobody in there right mind would have built an airline around it. Furthermore I think the lack of a cargo variant doomed the plane.

  • I think if they DO finally complete the third runway at London Heathrow, that will likely dramatically reduce the need for the A380. Mostly because it means a lot more landing slots available, which means the likes of Emirates could fly multiple 777-9 flights per day between Dubai and London.

  • You have to consider that even a crowded airports like Heathrow has only 180 passenger on each flight Dallas and Atlanta have only less then 130 per flight.

  • The Blancolirio channel reported the GE 9X was increased in size of the GE 90 (fan case increased to 3404 mm diameter) to support future upgrades towards 135klb (600kN) thrust.

    The GE 90-115B on 777s is capable of 115.3 klb (513kN) and it powers an aircraft with 436.8 sq.m wing area and 351.5 MTOW.

    Wing area of 777X is 516.7 sq.m. 18.3% extra wing area allows for a similar increase in MTOW (416 tonnes) and requires a similar increase in thrust (607 kN).

    However, the 777X will only have 467 kN engines (9% less than the 777-300 ER) despite same MTOW due to more efficient wing, etc.

    Potentially, a pair of GE 9X engines with 600 kN each could power an aircraft with 450 tonne MTOW.

    Potentially, the GE 9X fan case increase was designed for a 777X-10 with an MTOW of 450 tonnes that can carry 400 passengers in 3 classes from Sydney to London with 50% MTOW (225 tonnes) being fuel. It would be the sort of range and capacity that would interest Emirates as a replacement for the A380.

  • I will repeat my answer to this question, as I've done in past videos. Due to high fuel costs, 2 engine aircraft are what we'll see for the time being. Can we design an A380 with 2 large engines? Will those 2 large engines use the same amount of fuel, as a 4 regular size engine aircraft? Time will tell. What kind or type of propulsion can we design, without using fossil fuels? That my friends, is a really big question.

  • For those that fly internationally often and love aviation, but have never flown the 380, you owe it to yourselves to give it a try. There might not be a more comfortable aircraft for a long time to come ….. The 350 is close, but not the same. The 787 doesn't even compare …….

  • I have flown on the 380 many times both in economy and business and about 80 percent of the passengers I have had a chat with love the aircraft. A plane with such an approval rate, yet still the airlines do not listen to their passengers and stop using it.

    • Carl Rodgers unfortunately the A380 has too many seats, too many moving parts that can break, and there’s more to the airline operation besides passengers. Mail, freight, medical contracts, and other sources of revenue are available besides passengers.

      And this is coming from a US3 airline employee

    • @Ben Y, By all means, put your professional points of view forward. I have put my customer experience forward.

    • Carl Rodgers passengers don’t realize 4 engines mean more moving parts that can break. All it takes is one item that doesn’t clear on the ECAM screen to take that plane out of service to the hanger.

      Let’s not forget all of the specialized support equipment that goes with this plane.

      High torque Supertugs
      Extended reach catering trucks
      Extended reach deicing trucks
      Carbon fiber ULD A380 compatible containers

      Let’s not forget facility costs

      3rd Jet bridge

      Re-enforcing the gate area for the added weight

      Engineering firm to survey and realign the gates to fit the aircraft

      Larger customs halls

      More customs officers to keep traffic moving

      Larger outbound Bagroom to handle 600+ bags for one flight

      Let’s not forget operating cost

      More vendor personnel for cabin cleaning

      More vendor personnel for deicing operations

      Higher fuel bill

      Higher landing fees

      Higher remote parking fees

      I can keep going my friend.

  • 380 have a replacement. 777x. Bet the residual 380s will be grounded soon when 777x will arrive, in a year or two from now. This thing is too expensive in maintenance.

  • the largest commercial airplane is second to none, resistant to turbulence and minimal noise inside the aircraft, the A380 is a very good and comfortable aircraft, good cabin facilities and rarely found on other aircraft.

  • I honestly believe the A380 is ahead of its time. With rising population and the rapidly growing aviation industry one day within the next 20-50 years an aircraft like the A380 will be needed

  • The Green parties in Europe will ban almost all aircraft travel in the next few years. The young people have been brainwashed by communist teachers and our children are firmly in control by the hard left.

  • Finally they realized what Boeing figured out with the 747 years ago. Maybe they Ned to get rid of the spoke and hub system . Then goto a model similar to that which is used in North America.

  • I wonder if a TWIN JET aircraft of the 380/747 capacity could ever be achieved…….If so then a substantial redesign of the wing and engine placement would be needed surely. Anything is possible given the money and time, We'll see.

  • Request: KLM announces to retire the Airbus A330 fleet by 2025 and replace them with Boeing 787s.

    The Boeing 777X would most likely be a external replacement. In the coming years, Airbus would considered a stretched re-engined version of Airbus A350-1000 in the future as a replacement to the A380.

  • Imagine that, no replacements for a plane barely 10 years old. Used A380 market will be dismal. If your name is emirates and you get subsides, cheap fuel and little competition, the business plan may work

    • Dubai has very little oil production, about 70 000 bpd and therefore is an importer of oil and oil products to meet its demand. So no cheap oil there, they by on the international markets as everybody else.

  • Airbus should have redesigned this beast with a frieghter version. Like the 747s have been converted for cargo after being used as passenger airliner.

  • In my opinion… we will only see an a380 successor when it will be as fuel efficient as the current next gen aircraft’s such as a350 xwb or the 777x series and so on. If airbus or even Boeing are able to develop a double decker plane that produces similar carbon emissions and has fuel efficiency has these new aircraft it will definitely be a big game changer for the aviation world. And it might not be long until we see something like that.

  • Following recent news, there are probably 3 years of production left for the 747. For a few years to come, there are plenty of 747 to convert to freighters, but in maybe 20 years there will be demand for a new freighter which can carry the stuff only a 747 can carry. Maybe then the technology is there to replace the 747 and A380 with a similar size twin engine.

  • My Thoughts are : – I have been following your channel a long time but I feel that now You are running out of real content to make videos, Your subject matters are becoming bluff = score for this =1/10

  • This isn’t new, it’s been said years ago the market was for twin engine aircraft. Even the 777x will probably be too big. This is why the a330 and 777 are the ideal aircraft.

  • No company will ever try anything as challenging as this again. Still, a mountain of experience and unbeatable R&D for Airbus. Respect!

  • The A380 only work with a few airlines, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Emirates and Qantas. They make good profit on their A380s, but they operate more or less out of the Hub & Spoke model. If you have operations that fits into this, then you make money on the A380. Just see how much the profits are for Qantas on the Sydney-Dallas route

  • People are forgetting the fact the 777-10 and a350-2000s if and when they come will be legit the longest possible twins before major complications including engine and wing issues superseed them. A380 isnt at all near to dead its just getting started, Airbus's penalty here was thinking it needed to Answer the 747 with the A380, dumb move but at least they have some strong backing from Singapore, BA, Malaysia, Qantas, Ana, Korean, Hifly and Emirates who have decent use of their planes efficiently. Airbus no doubt is hiding an obvious Neo somewhere since no one wanted the plus as it didnt change the engines, just added more seats and minor aerodynamic changes, a Neo under RR's ultra fan would push it alot more efficiently completely making the need for 2 planes to replace its pax extremely stupid and inefficient as the airlines ive listed would need two of a single plane to replace one of thier busy A380s and thats alot more costly.

  • Not sure that will happen. Their luck is the crashes happened in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Replace those names with
    Indiana and any US state starting with “E” (BTW…their isn’t one) … but you get my point. Bullet dodged,

  • I still believe, in 20 years to come an A380 with two engines would have huge success! The slot problem is not going to improve over the next 20-30 years, as air travel will nearly double. So certainly at one point the small aircrafts won’t be big enough to fit the huge demand placed on some routes, so I am pretty sure the A380 will see a come back in whatever form.

  • Sad. Having been fortunate enough to fly on the A380 and 747, the A380 is so much quieter and more relaxing to fly in, in Economy. I much prefer it to the Jumbo

  • I get the sense that quad-jets are on the way out, as maintenance and fuel costs are huge compared to a comparable twin-jet. Unfortunately, I would slam the door shut on an A380 replacement. I suppose some routes are very popular, but it might be more economical to increase frequency instead.

  • If I was Airbus, I would not stop A380 production for good, but suspend it. Restart production in the late 2020s to replace early A380/B747-8. While the line is suspended, work on developing an updated version with new more efficient engines & aerodynamic tweaks. An updated version will be a lot easier & cheaper to develop than an all new aircraft.

  • This stuff is cyclical. We're living in a growing world. A double deck quad will probably be back on the production line eventually. People tend to think too short term.

  • A380 replacement…yeah it will go like this: in 2030, Airbus will announce the A480,a triple-deck hyperjumbo jet…airlines will put in orders for 300 of them. Singapore Airlines will take delivery of the first one, fly it twice and then cut it up for scrap. Other airlines will cancel their orders once deliveries begin. After building around 50 planes, Airbus will announce the cancellation of the program.

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