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Delightful day to go spotting at Duesseldorf Airport!
Date : December 18th, 2018
Time : 11 A.M – 1:30 P.M
Location : Gates A and B Terrace(2€ per person)
Main Event Arrivals:
Come between 12:00 P.M (13:00 Summer) and 16:00 P.M (17:00 Summer) for the best planes.
Temperature was ~ 0 degrees celcius that day, my hands were freezing.

Planes :
0:01 AirEuropa Express Embraer 190
1:24 Easyjet A320 Takeoff
2:50 Eurowings A320 Takeoff
3:03 AirEuropa Express Embraer 190 startup
3:50 KLM Embraer 190 Cottyhopper
4:47 Lufthansa A320 Takeoff
5:04 Finnair A321 at Gate
5:41 British Airways A320 Takeoff
6:06 Retired Airberlin startup
6:51 Singapore Airlines A350 startup (far away)
7:04 AirEuropa Express Embraer 190 Takeoff
7:20 Etihad A330 landing
7:52 Etihad and Eurowings A330 face to face
9:49 Retired Airberlin Takeoff + Tuifly 737 pull-taxi
10:08 Eurowings A320 Takeoff
10:34 Singapore Airlines A350 Takeoff
11:15 Germania A321 Takeoff
11:44 Germanwings A320 Takeoff
12:02 Swiss Airbus A220 (Bombardier CS300) Takeoff
12:36 Germanwings A320 taxiing
13:28 Eurowings A320 gate removal
13:43 British Airways A320 taxiing to Gate and parking at gate
14:51 Condor Boeing 767 Takeoff
15:14 Aegean A320 (Star Alliance) getting loaded
15:30 Emirates Airbus A380 landing

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