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With so many Airbus A350’s now in our skies, including some with Heathrow’s very own home town airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, here is a chance to see how the new kids on the block compare with the real heavy’s of the past! – Is there any real comparison!? (I don’t think so!) – I must admit I really do miss those MAS A380’s over the Heathrow skyline!


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  • Awesome Malaysian B747, not a common one, also the A350 is so beautiful, really nice Malaysian compilation!

    • Cheers Mark and thanks for your support and yes, you can't beat a bit of Phil Collins (Genesis) on a dull day!

    • @MrFlashjet – The Heathrow Airport Archive you're more than welcome, I will always support a great channel like yours. Keep them coming, Sir!

  • Love em! I've been on the MAS 747 and I've spotted the A380 and A350 for a few times. It would take awhile before I get the chance to be on their new Buses.

  • Excellent Malaysian heavy documentation mrflashjet. I do miss the 74-4s, they really used to blast out like no other 74-4 if that makes any sense. another fantastic heathrow archive from yourself, a true heathrow legend. many thanks.

    • Thank you Jason, your kind words mean a lot to me and yes I know exactly what you mean about those 744's!

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