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The Latest order for 36 A380-800s from Emirates has been put in a cloud of doubt as the airline failed to make it’s engine selection as discussions with Rolls Royce over the Trent 900 reach an impasse. In today’s video, I discuss all we know!

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  • A380 what a joke. Never should’ve been built. All the indicators were going to smaller planes. Govt programs. LoL.

  • The trend is towards bigger planes. Bombardier no longer makes the 50 seater CRJ200, and spent all its money developping the 100 /130seater C-Series. Airlines tend to choose the bigger models of the new planes such as 787, 777, 350. The new 777s is pretty much at the limits of size, needing folding wings. Eventually, the 777 won't be able to grow anymore.

    Similarly, Airbus could kill the 380 and stretch the 350. But that too will reach limits.

    However, say airlines start to feel too tight in 777s of 350s 10 years from now, will either Boeing or Airbus decide to spend the megabucks needed to rejuvenate their respective jumbos ? Imagine a twin engine 380 with all the tech improvements developped during 350 programme and a muchj lower cost.

    Airbus could kill the 380 and go back to drawing board, or try to keep the 380 alive while still going to the drawing board. Either way, Airbus will have to spend money on the 380 to bring it up to modern expectations in terms of purchase price and performance. It isn't competing agianst the 747, it is competing against the 777 and 350s.

  • Why is Rolls Royce so stubborn? Fuel efficiency seems to be the big problem here. Developing more fuel efficient engines feels like should be the priority

  • One focal point which needs more of a 'look-see', is the cost, and availability of "future spares inventories", and whether airlines can maintain those inventories effectively, and with cost efficiency. With the problems the RR Trent series engines have demonstrated, I'd venture a guess that the future of the A380 is also dependent on other manufacturers successfully designing and implementing a retrofit program which requires an acceptable amount of rework to the wing/mounting, plus fuel, control, and sensor feeds. (NOT an easy task)

    I am old enough to remember a time when viewing the "double superimposed R" on the cowling of the engines powering the aircraft on which I was about to fly was encouraging. Rolls-Royce may actually need to reinvent themselves, to return to that level of reassurance.

  • Customers are dumping it after 10 years, much less time than it’s useful life. There’s no secondary market. Costs are too high and there’s no recovery. A380’s end is near.

  • They should produce a military variant then. Troop transportation and high altitude bomber type then. The latter could erase an entire continent if it wanted.

  • When these big planes are needed again there gunna need to be way more effiecent then now. Its best if the start with a clean slate when the time is right.

  • I´ve flown with Emirates four times now between Düsseldorf and Dubai, in their A380. Emirates flys 2 times a day between Düsseldorf and Dubai. Before the A380 they served that route with the 777. As far as i saw on this flights, the A380 was nearly full or full every time. If the demand stays that way, Emirates needs the A380 on this Route. Or more than 2 flights with the 777.
    After 14 flights in the 777 (Düsseldorf-Dubai, Dubai-Male) and 4 flights with the A380 i think the A380 is less noisy and smoother, and has more room to move ones feet. Not saying the 777 is bad! Oh, all flights in economy class.

  • The plane cost more than $400 million US, plus the cost of specialized GSE, and facilities. At this point, the only way to save the A380 program is for Airbus to team up with local airport authorities in the US and around the world and offer subsidies and support to redesign their current congested airport layout and design new facilities which can accommodate a large number of A380’s at the same time like Dubai. Unfortunately I doubt Airbus would ever do this.

  • A380 is safe. While what happened in China is surprising to me, look over to Japan. 747 are used there even for fairly short distances, plus, in Japan, there is not a lot of place to build airports. There is only so much airspace avaliable and I believe that East Asia will eventually be where this "little" plane will eventually shine.

  • The A-380 is the wrong jet for the vast majority of the world's air lines. The market, as forecast by John Leahy, chief marketing officer Airbus, was off by an order of magnitude; customers prefer non-stop flights rather than going through crowded hubs and new aerospace technology has erased what ever advantage the A-380 might have had in seat/mile cost. The other issues are that the jet can only be accommodated by major international hubs that have modified their gates to handle the large wingspan and in some cases runway and taxiway widths. The jet's window of success was too short to justify the massive investment made by Airbus and the program most certainly will be cash negative throughout its life.

  • Trent 900 is really a dog of an engine according to a friend of mine who is working for SIA… that fuel burn miss is so true

  • More airlines going point-to-point rather than through hubs. It's just not cut out for the market. It's great for Dubai-London or London to NY, but unfortunately I think its days are not bright.

  • With the fuel efficiency and power of the engines today, why don't they make an A380 type aircraft with the old DC10 configuration? One engine on each wing and an engine in the tail. You'll have the power with less fuel consumption to move those jumbo planes.

  • IMO this plane is ideal for transporting huge numbers of the faithful to the Haj in Saudi from other middle eastern and Muslim countries in Asia.

  • Could the A380 be powered by 2 of the newer engines instead of 4 of the older ones? It appears to have the clearance height.

  • I have never been fond of Airbus, ever since the first rollout when the demo plane flew into a wooded area near the airport.

  • I hate to say it, but the final nails in the A380 coffin are being pounded in. A great idea, just at the wrong time I believe.

  • The A380 has recieved so many life support lines so far, it seems, like the pool is drying out, finally.

  • The A-380 is a beached whale 🐋. Another black mark on Airbus. In other words, a complete and total flop.

  • In pure aviation terms, so taking money, routes etc out of the equation, as an aircraft, the A380 pisses all over the 747, 777, in fact any Boeing I've been on, the only thing that has come close was the Finnair A350 I went on in June

  • In my and the wife’s opinion the A380 is the best aircraft flying,we fly fairly often with Emirates and find them far far superior than the B777 in the business class.

  • As the 747 was to the Concord, the 787 is to the A380… Boeing did their homework, got the data and made the twin engine long haul point to point jet…. That said, A380 is Awesome… Will be sad in 15 years when they will mostly be gone from the skys. Not to worry BWB Jets will be coming.. Esp for cargo.. cheers DJ.

  • To be honest, with uprising and much more reliable and efficient twin- engine models like B 777, A 350 and B 787 (in case they dont use RR engines), its quite surely is a threat to the A 380. And since the B 747 is available only for cargo and the intercontinental not being a success, the future of the A 380 does look a bit hazy..

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