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Filmed from one a couple of my favourite spots around the airport, this video features the sheer size, sound and power of aircraft. Using runway 34 the aircraft spool up close and begin their roll down the runway before spectacularly rotating. This video features several departures at a close up sight for you to enjoy! Cheers

Aircraft Information:
0:06 – Qantas A380 to Los Angeles QF 93
2:01 – Singapore Airlines B777 to Singapore SQ 238
3:26 – Qantas A330 to Hong Kong QF 29
5:16 – Vietnam Airlines B787-9 to Ho Chi Minh City VN 780
6:47 – China Southern A330 to Guangzhou CZ 344
7:46 – Virgin Australia B777 to Los Angeles VA 23
8:52 – Qantas A380 to Singapore QF 35
10:10 – Virgin Australia A330 to Nadi VA 185
11:05 – Royal Brunei B787-8 to Brunei BI 54

Location: Operations Road
Camera: Sony AX 100


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