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Emirates has retired its first Airbus A380 as the airline continues with its retirement plans for the fleet. This video covers the details of Emirates’ first retired A380 and the future of Emirates’ A380 fleet.

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Into The Blue Sky – Keys of Moon: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWtFgusZT03fNCqtPBrhh9g

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Emirates A380 Blue Dubai Expo by ひめパパ: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAwn5fzDgtqJxQ31fsNK_kQ
Emirates A380 Dusseldorf by TK Spotting: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCILTnojId0YJl85C6Lndo2A/videos

Footage of Emirates A380 Air to Air by Emirates/Airbus
Emirates A380 by Prague Airport

Scrapped/Generic Emirates A380 by Saeed Al Ali: https://twitter.com/Saeed_AlAli

Thumbnail by RHL Images: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Emirates_A380_A6-EEG_(9041656215).jpg



Emirates, the world’s largest operator of the Airbus A380, has retired its first A380 as the airline continues with its retirement plans for the fleet.

Emirates’ first retired A380 is A6-EDB, a 12.2 year-old A380 delivered to Emirates in October 2008. The aircraft last operated a test flight in May 2020.

This A380 operated its final commercial flight from Muscat to Dubai (DXB) in February 2020. A few days later, it ferried to Dubai World Central but returned back to Dubai (DXB) in March 2020.

The aircraft was recently spotted with a generic paint, stripped of its Emirates livery, signaling the end for this A380.

While all 115 of Emirates’ A380s are currently stored due to COVID-19, this Emirates A380 does not appear to be retired early.

Emirates’ president Tim Clark denied rumors of mass A380 retirements. Clark also revealed they are not getting rid of any A380s aside from three that were already scheduled to retire this year.

A6-EDB is possibly one of the three A380s that was already expected to retire in 2020.

Some of Emirates’ oldest A380s, such as 12.2 year-old A6-EDB, are on 12-year leases. If Emirates does not plan to renew them, they will be retired.

In September 2019, Tim Clark announced it would begin retiring and scrapping some A380s for spare parts for the rest of Emirates’ A380 fleet.

Emirates still sees potential for the Airbus A380 and expects the aircraft to play a key role in the recovery of the aviation industry after this crisis.


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