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On August 7, 2018, I flew on the British Airways A380 from London Heathrow to Hong Kong. Coming into this flight, I had very low expectations of BA. However, the crew were very nice, and their new and improved service was great. The best part about it was the breakfast card, which you fill out after takeoff to give to the crew. I found this very efficient, as the crew would know ahead of time weather or not you would want to eat breakfast. I also liked the fact that you could pick your starter, something Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines don’t have. The seat was awful though. The aisle seat literally had no privacy, and there the only place for storage is a small shoe cabinet. Other than that, you can place your stuff on the floor or in the overhead lockers. I really hope BA changes their seat design soon. When you sleep, you can use your table as a storage space, but that only works if you don’t move and lie on your back. Otherwise, you will have to place it under the seat. Overall, a mixed first flight on British Airways.

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