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The Airbus A380 engines have once again been impacted by issues, this time surrounding the engines. Urgent safety checks are required now. In today’s video, I discuss what’s going on!

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  • I dislike the way that issues of Boeing are being presented and then in comparison to the engine issue at the A380.
    Misleading headline…

  • I am wondering if most problems are from use of new materials, manufacturing processes, or just more flight hours due to increased passenger volume? Maintenance checks might need to be adjusted down in hours to catch issues.

    • Imagine Virgin Galactic is hoping to blast people to outer space soon and we can’t even produce safe engines for our planes at 36000 feet
      Dreamliner Dangerous Lithium batterie encased in bomb proof box and Now A380. Engine falling of mid flight over Greenland. On top of that Norweigian had bits raining down from an Aircraft in Italy a few days. Something rotten is going on in the industry and it’s going to need a thorough overhaul. Is it cost cutting I wish I knew ? anyone got the answer 🍀✈️🇬🇧👨‍✈️🇺🇸👩‍✈️💗🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Hmm….life has taught me to be an incurable cynic….and this publicity about flaws in the A 380 ( made , I believe , by a rival to Boeing ) and the timing of such publicity makes me a tad suspicious . Could it be um…er..a very motivated move by somebody ..in view of recent happenings in the aviation sector ?
    Like the detective said …it gives one furiously to think.

    • Why would the competition start a publicity campaign against a product that IS NOT a threat to said competitor? Said competitor is only selling the freighter version of said competitors product of which the Airbus version does not offer one at all. Also the a380 is already dead and has never generated a profit for anybody. In other words. THE A380 IS NOT A THREAT TO BOEING. I would think the other products that Airbus makes would be a better target.Of course , I think the whole idea is a tad suspicious to begin with.

  • I hope this issue will be resolved very soon by Airbus, to avoid unnecessary accident. Although A380 duty of service expected to end in the near future, but if this can be solved in time, it will reward the Airbus by earning more trust from airliners using their products. Hope to hear the good news on this case in your upcoming video. Thanks

  • Based on the comments below, a lot of people don't listen to you but will happily complain about audio issues that don't really matter.

  • 2019 and 2018 are the worst years for aviation….
    1.A380 Discontinued
    2.Two 737 Max crashes….
    3.Airlines are spilling money because of 737 Max
    4.a380 safety concerns

  • These are my thoughts (and they are NOT going to be popular!!)……..This issue will NOT be addressed UNTIL an incident occurs that either threatens passenger safety, or DIRECTLY IMPEDES passenger safety.!! This is me being 100. Until an event occurs that is teeters on TRAGEDY, the "POWERS THAT BE" will CONTINUE to have blinders on

    • Jacob Cudlitz It’s all relevant Emissions from aircraft has gone beyond what the lungs of the planet can absorb the. Rain forest which I’ve been to in Costa Rica is being cut down. Weve one habitable planet and soon people will have to seriously think future generations will need to go to Mars I’m being very honest
      I did read somewhere scientists are working on certain wastes products that can fly craft in the future this is not a hoax 👨‍✈️✈️🇺🇸🍀🇬🇧👩‍✈️💗🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Good that the FAA is quickly going public with a statement on the issue. Took what? A few days?
    How was it again with the 737 Max?

  • Audio perfect. So airbus isn’t perfect either. Most aircraft are so safe that even the MCAS issue, with pilot education, isn’t really a big deal. If the engines are cracking, perhaps throttle settings need to be adjusted from roll-out to take-off.

  • They will perform just overnight checks.

    "No one died yet so it's not that serious of an issue to remove them from service." This will likely be the mentality of the affected carriers.

  • It’s another example of why operators should do everything possible to avoid taking on the technological risks of the engine/airframe manufacturers.

  • So – really an engine issue. Not an Airbus issue (other than that they along with others use these engines…)?

  • Sounds like nothing but rumors. Please be specific, 'could be', 'might be', 'potentially' — what are you talking about? — very confusing, no clarity.

    • Oh dear and I thought Boeing and FAA were. Twins working together. ✈️🇬🇧🇺🇸🍀👨‍✈️👩‍✈️💗🤦🏼‍♀️

    • @Norlin Kalamazoo Nope. And that is the problem. They entirely skipped checking anything on the MCAS system and relied on Boeing themselves to OK it. In Europe heads would have rolled for that kind of obvious corruption.

    • @Iamtop Well, MCAS was approved by EASA as well as all other countries the MAX was operated out of so your argument does not hold water. Boeing just plain old completely screwed the pooch in a very major way on this one and are taking full responsibility. Turning the problem into some kind Jerry Springer "you are the father" scandal does nothing to address the problem.

  • My thoughts, remove engines from all aircrafts and we use the catapult method to get these gliders airborne.

  • Sounds like a PR stunt from Boeing trying to tarnish anything Airbus ha ha. FAA s so devalued after 737 max tardiness that we all know that America comes first not humble passengers.

  • Cracked wing? Don’t you think the a380 should be grounded. We shouldn’t take chances where human lives are concerned or do we need another 737 max disaster. Boeing and airbus can probably get away with corporate manslaughter

  • It's all about making engineered items to last ONLY as long as their commercial lifespan with no redundancy built in thereby allowing bigger profits.

    • @A S Humphrey Don't be too quick to denounce something you disagree with. Weight, performance and fuel efficiency might be what the shareholders are told and indeed an admirable aim but it is not the only criterion.

  • Audio is great, DJ. This shows evidence of the system working. Problem identified and now on to the solution. Hopefully the regulatory agencies won't be afraid to ground the type if the problems call for it.

  • Cracks, unless obvious ( in which case it's probably too late ) will need to be carried out by NDT and metallurgical specialists. Not a fast process, so if the planes can be inspected during planned maintenance, well and good. If not, then they have to be taken out of service.

  • So one problem with Trent 900 engines and now another with GP. I personally like P&W, but GE makes me sick, so I'm ambivalent. Were all the problems (that we know of) with Trent Engine solved?

  • I wonder what is causing the cracked wing? Poor quality control or poor manufacturing design? I would be reluctant to fly on an A380 until these 2 issues are fixed.

  • A bit of scaremongering I think . If it was that bad urgent checks would have been issued 2 yrs ago. Sometimes get the opinion that a few people have it in for the A380.

  • Airbus only have yourself to beat in terms of public faith in your safety system and accountability, hope they dont screw up!!

  • Not all A380 use the same type of engines, there are different supliers, either Rolls-Royce or Engine Alliance. Engine problems may occur on any type of planes, that's why a four engines plane is always safer than a two engines one !

  • G'day Dj, The sound at this end was good; no problems.
    The problem with the A380 sounds bad and I reckon given the numbers of passengers on each aircraft these issues should be addressed ASAP. The concept of losing around 400 passengers and crew would be a catastrophe for thousands of family members and the A380. Also given that the production end-date is relatively soon, a major disaster could ground the type prematurely for good. Let's hope the folks at Air France and Airbus get on to these problems as soon as humanly possible. Cheers, BH

  • DJ, it is getting increasingly disturbing with all of the defects popping up in these new modern airplanes. It seems that in the race to create greater more fuel efficient aircraft compromises are being made. We are supposed to get better with advancements in Technology, not regress.

  • The engine issue that damaged an Air France Airbus A380 in 2017 also why Air France-KLM is retiring the Airbus A380 fleet by 2022.

    • False, A380 will be retired because 4 engines planes are less fuel efficient than 2 engines planes. This also hits Boeing 747 and Airbus A340 now that new "etops" rules allows most of the recent 2 engines planes to fly on the longest routes…

  • Cracks on the A380 is a well known and fully controlled issue. The 737 Max didn't have cracks, but much worst problems !

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