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Airbus A380 Spectacular Smooth Landing on 1st Jan 2020 Manchester Airport Thanks for watching! I would like to wish everyone happy new year Happy 2020! This was filmed today FROM the edge of runway 23/R 05/L
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  • Happy new year to you too!.

    Absolutely 'exquisite' footage, especially the 380!! Was it my beloved 'A6-EUP'? I wonder…

  • Wow IQ your so kind out filming today for us I’m so grateful . I did a walk from the Marina early this morning along canal to Etihad and I saw the big A380 but I thought it looked like it was taking off . I didn’t have my phone to film it the sky was so blue and clear.. bellissimo bravo

  • Oh and a very happy New Year and all your dreams be fulfilled and your channel go from strength to strength. You don’t need my support so much cos in my opinion you have graduated into a superb film maker I’m so extremely proud of you indeed Your the best on you tube at the moment how amazing in just a year bellissimo bravo ❤️🇬🇧🇺🇸✈️😁👨‍🎓

    • iQ Aviation You already said in your title happy 2020 I may get to see you summer if I can persuade my sis who’s visiting from US to do a bit of spotting lol but after a 7 hour flight from Florida that might not impress her haha. But if I come over I’ll sure want to say hello. I feel like your my friend in a harmless way don’t take the wrong meaning I’m a lady ❤️🇬🇧🇺🇸✈️😁👨‍🎓

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