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When you drive on this street you occasionally get surprised by an Airbus A380 above you. This street proceeds ight behind runway 05R at DUS and twice a day you can see an Airbus A380 of Emirates passing by. This street is also responsible for the disturbing background noise in most of my videos. Note the special livery with these green dots. Emirates promotes the EXPO at Dubai in 2020. To film this I used three cameras, one of them was placed on a bridge above the street, another one with a fixed view on the runway and a thrid camera was held by me and followed the Aribus A380 while it fllew over me.

Year 2018 is almost over and I would like to thank all of you for supporting me by watching my videos. It was an awesome year and I hope you will coninue watching my videos in 2019.

New videos every friday and tuesday.

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