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Europe’s leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus has announced plans to stop the production of the world’s largest commercial passenger plane, the A380 superjumbo, by 2021.
With two decks of spacious cabins and room for 544 people in the standard layout, the superjumbo was designed to challenge Boeing’s legendary 747, but it failed to take hold due to weak sales as airlines backed a new generation of smaller, nimbler jets.
The company said in a statement on Thursday that Emirates, which had the A380 as the backbone of its fleet, is cutting back its orders for the plane as a result.

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  • The expert isn't very knowledgeable. Airbus didn't lose a cent developing the A380. Governments loan Airbus money to make the plane, Airbus supposed to pay a percentage of the loan back to the governments every jet they sold. If Airbus only sold 100, too bad, so sad! The Governments won't be getting their money back.

  • How come the great minds didn't see this coming? It's sad though that Airbus would stop making them in the future. It's an iconic bird. Never flown in it but had the privilege to seeing it close up at JFK international airport in the Fall of 2015

  • Is a good thing this Monster plane will end they are very scary to flight on them, so big so many people so super huge,  monster size plane  Very, Very scary tremendous weight  They are horrors in the sky they are terrible planes in bad weather cannot handle it

    • romy Gime this is absolutely not true XD there has been not even one weather-caused incident with this plane since it’s first flight and passengers consistently reported how stable and quiet this aircraft is in the air. inform yourself before writing bullshit. Oh, and i would suggest to seek out a good psychologist because you seem to have a serious phobia of big objects…

    • romy Gime clearly you have never been in one when I was flying in a emirates a380 from London to dubai the flight was amazing very smooth and you could barley feel the turbulence it was extremely comfortable Great hospitality on the planeEDIT: as a whole o recommend going on this plane but oh wait your scared of big objects especially “monstrous planes”

  • Aside from the uniqueness of this plane, for Economy passengers it was just another plane and they suffered from all the humanity that crowded the checkout. There was no lounges or bars or beds to sleep on….only the Elite truly benefited while everybody else suffered.

    • It was actually not that bad in economy. I've flown economy on A380 with Singapore Airlines a few times and it's pretty reasonable, plenty of leg room and storage space, adequate seats, good IFE.

  • The one commentator believing that Emirates will have these for 30 to 40 years missed the CEO of Emirates saying they only plan to keep aircraft for 10-12 years.

    Emirates will build their network with more destinations and greater flexibility with the 777 and a350

  • Boeing always said it will not work. apparently what airbus said in paper never worked in reality. Too expensive to make no way to recover only the middle east airlines could afford it. another white elephant like the concorde.

  • Airbus dovrebbe ripensare alla discontinuità del suo Airbus A380: la mancanza di criteri per lo sviluppo di nuove tecnologie e sistemi operativi si conclude con un progetto di oltre 15 miliardi di dollari USA. e la possibile perdita di lavoro di oltre 35'00 persone altamente qualificate che potrebbero entrare a lavorare per la competizione (Boeing

  • Le colosse de l'aéronautique européenne devrait réfléchir aux variables de son projet A 380. Je pense qu'un avion présentant ces caractéristiques est similaire à l'ancien port de Concord, où les classes sociales les plus élevées pourraient payer un billet, par exemple E 8000, et voyager à l'intérieur. Si vous avez encore des doutes, consultez une équipe plus créative.

  • Only way for it to survive is to sell the entire A380 production business unit to a Chinese aircraft manufacturer. Then the Chinese manufacturer can develop a brand new cargo freight A380 version sometime in the future and at a lower retail price. Only way for the A380 to be revived some day.

  • It’s a shame to see this plane stop being produced when I was given the privilege to fly on this beauty with emirates from London Heathrow to Dubai international I was over the moon the plane was nothing I had ever saw before and the size of the plane and wings was insane the take off was amazing the landing was actually very smooth and the flight in between was amazing Couldn’t even feel the turbulence and it was just a good flight. Overall orgasmic flight

    EDIT: ok so the orgasmic flight part was a bit far but you get what I mean

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