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Multiple delays, runway changes, incorrect flight number, engine failures, wrong cargo data, here it is.

Runway 03R, Cleared to takeoff, Philippine 627.

Additional Information
Airline: Emirates
Flight#: EK521
Seat: 20K
Flight Duration: 12:37 hours
From: Grade 9 Cluster-Shanley Nickholie International
To: RSHS Main-Gabriela M. Diego Military Airfield
Takeoff Runway: 03R (Heading 30.14° N)
Landing Runway: 11L (Heading 113.49° N)
Date: January 2015
Aircraft: Airbus A350-1000

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  • Sorry for forgetting hero, hey hero ur da best

    Aviation Terms:
    Multiple delays= the first laptop ran out of space, the second one has limited internet connection.
    Runway changes=filming delays
    Incorrect flight number=Connection problems
    Engine failures=undownloadable clips
    Wrong cargo data=11gb file size worth of clips

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