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Firstly wishing you all a Happy New Year! This is the last video for the year, rounding off a great spotting year with some A350 departures. Videos will resume early in the new year. This video showcases departures of A350 aircraft. Melbourne is well served by A350’s currently 6 operators use their A350’s, so the chances to spotting of them are excellent. Hope you enjoy the departures and find yourself a favourite! Cheers!

Aircraft Information:
1:20 – Singapore Airlines A350 to Singapore SQ 208
2:48 – Thai Airways A350 to Bangkok TG 462
4:59 – China Airlines A350 to Taipei CI 57
6:18 – Vietnam Airlines A350 to Ho Chi Minh City VN 780
8:19 – Thai Airways A350 to Bangkok TG 466
9:31 – Cathay Pacific A350 to Hong Kong CX 104
11:10 – Cathay Pacific A350 to Hong Kong CX 134
13:11 – Philippine Airlines A350 to Manila PR 210

Location: Operations Road
Camera: Sony AX 100


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