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Delta Airlines is slowly retiring their Boeing fleet and obtaining more Airbus aircraft, and with the heightened nature of COVID19 in 2020, the airline is doing this in an expedited manner. The Airbus A350 is a popular aircraft used for longer-haul flights, and is taking over the routes commonly used by a Boeing 757, 767, and 777 but not many understand the short-term costs of implementing a new aircraft. Although adding new Airbus aircraft like the A350 to one’s fleet will have it’s long-term benefits economically, short-term it is quite the price for an airline. In this short clip taken from our podcast with Tom Stanley on, The TomCast, Zach and Tom discuss their thoughts about Delta Airlines switching to an almost complete Airbus fleet.

Watch the full podcast here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPCd4K8GzEc&t=146s


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    • Man, honestly i flew both boeing and airbus, currently the a380. Trust me, no one is better than the other. I personally felt boeing tends to have a higher build quality over airbus. Example: boeing cockpits are mostly made up of metals, newer pfds & nds are matte they dont reflect you image or the sun. Boeing Sky Interior designs felt very solid and high class, they dont rattle much during takeoff.Airbus on the positive side tends to reduce pilots workloads, less procedures etc… which is great. If i am doing 6 sectors a day o will go for airbus. But build quality overall is less… in airbus you have a lot of " plasticky " feel in the cockpit. Most of the components are hollow and thin. And the cabin in an a330 rattles a lot during taking off and ldg… it just reflect the build quality, nothing related to safety. And yes airbus's avionics tend to fail more often, they don't tend to handle heat very well. On a very hot sunny day on the apron ECAM will just lit up… but again if it works, its really2 nice, ecam is better than EICAS.So both airbus and boeing really are the same to me. Both have their plus and minusPeople nowadays just keep on blaming boeing on the basis of the 737 max disasters… i think thats a very narrow way of thinking. Airbus cut a lot of cost too… and to me the most

    • Dang that's great insight man. Thank you so much for the comment! I can totally see that from both ends. Definitely will keep this in mind 🙌

    • AllproLemonton z lol i personally think airbus is better, safer, more comfortable, and more fuel efficient. Oh yeah and they dont really make bad decisions and make an automatic sensor to pull the planes nose downwards during full thrust or make an engine be above the wings. But its just my opinion.

  • I think the only real sad thing to me about delta moving to only airbus is I want an American Airline to have the 777x.

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