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A Business Class review of Thai Airways on their A350-900 aircraft from Singapore to Bangkok.
Flight date: 5/11/2018
Flight time: 01:58
Aircraft: A350-900


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  • Nice review! Just flew TG from Singapore earlier this evening. The food on your flight seemed pretty good, and the seat looked very nice too! Sorry, I haven't been very active lately 😅

    • Sorry about the late reply. I was on TG408, operated by older 777-300 (Can't wait for the new aircraft order). Seats and IFE were quite old, but at least I filmed all of it. Wished I was on TG410 though 😉

    • I booked mine as it was on a B747 but it later changed to the A350. I’ve been chasing the B747 for a while but it always slips…

  • อยากให้เปลี่ยนเมนู ในแคตตาล็อก ให้มีภาพสี เหมือนร้าน S&P ที่ไทยนะครับ จะได้เห็นรูปสวยๆ ควรเลียนแบบร้าน S&P การบินไทยมีแต่ตัวหนังสือ ไม่มีรูป มันเชยแล้ว มันเก่าแล้วน่ะ

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