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Early afternoon means rush hour at Zurich Airport. This video features a selection of aircraft taking off during this daily peak time. As you can see, Swiss International Airlines is dominating this field with its fleet. It was a very warm day, therefor it was very hazy causing some troubles with the focus. But this will not reduce the great impressions made on this nice summer day.

0:17 CHair Airlines A319-112 HB-JOJ
0:46 Swiss Int. Airlines A320-214 HB-IJK
1:14 Swiss Int. Airlines CS300 HB-JCA
1:39 Swiss Int. Airlines A321-212 HB-ION
2:04 Swiss Int. Airlines A320-214 HB-JLQ
2:30 Swiss Int. Airlines A330-343X HB-JHG
2:59 Swiss Int. Airlines A330-343X HB-JHE
3:26 Swiss Int. Airlines A330-343X HB-JHM
3:57 Swiss Int. Airlines A330-343X HB-JHC
4:28 Swiss Int. Airlines A340-313 HB-JMA
5:06 Swiss Int. Airlines B777-3DEER HB-JNA
5:31 Swiss Int. Airlines B777-3DEER HB-JNF
5:59 United Airlines B787-8 N26910
6:23 Thai Airways B747-4D7 HS-TGG
6:54 Cathay Pacific A350-1041 B-LXE
7:24 Iceland Air B757-256 TF-FIR

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– camcorder: Panasonic HC-VXF999
– microphone: RODE VideoMic pro
– tripod: Sachtler ACE
– editing software: Final Cut Pro

zurichairportspotter1: https://www.instagram.com/zurichairportspotter1/

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