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Seats to avoid on British Airways, A350-1000 aircraft – Business Traveller.
To read the article on the reasons, and what it means for travelelrs, see

– So the aircraft is configured in three classes, it’s got 219 in economy, they call that World Traveler, and that’s in a three-three configuration. They have 56 premium economy seats, that’s in a two-four-two configuration. And then finally they have 56 Club Suites, and that’s in a one-two-one, with direct aisle access. So most controversially on this aircraft in economy, in the front cabin which are the best seats of the economy class cabin, you’ve got this row which is 35, and for six of the seats, which are these ones, H, J and K, and A, B and C, unfortunately you’ve got no recline at all. You do get an extra inch of leg room but there’s no recline. Something to bear in mind if you’re on a long haul flight on the A350 with British Airways.
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