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Qatar Airways QSuite Review. Qatar Airways A350-1000. Tom Otley, Editor of Business Traveller magazine, flies and rewiews the new QSuite product on Qatar Airways airbus A350 1000 aircraft. Read full review here:

Video transcript:
– – Here we are, we’re at Hamad International Airport, and today we’re gonna be trying out Business Class, Qsuite style with Qatar Airways. Thank you, thank you so much. – [Flight Attendant] Good morning to you. Welcome on board. Thank you, Mr. Torrez. That’ll be on the other side. – Here we are onboard the Qatar Airways new Qsuite. This is exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s on a A350-1000, which is the extended version of the A350-900. It’s a brand new aircraft. It’s absolutely wonderful. It’s new generation. It’s one of the reasons it’s so quiet onboard, and it’s a pleasure to be onboard. Qatar Airways is getting deliveries of -900s and -1000s. There isn’t much to choose between them, but certainly the ones that have this new products onboard, the Qsuites, are definitely worth searching out if you’re lucky enough to fly in Business Class. The tough problem that Qatar Airways has, and it’s a great problem to have, is it’s already got a fantastic Business Class. It’s the one that we’ve previous reviewed on the B787 and the A350-900. What they’re doing now is putting this new Qsuite onboard. There’ve been a few teething problems with doing so, as there are with all new Business Class seats. It’s something that other airlines are having the same problem with, United and Polaris for instance, which is the name for their Business Class. But the roll-out is continuing, and we’re lucky enough today to be on the new Qsuite. So, what’s different about Qsuite? The first thing is you have forward- and backward-facing seats, kind of like British Airways Club World, except very, very different. To begin with, you have a 1-2-1 configuration across the aircraft, so it’s very spacious. You also have the ability to have either a window seat if you have the choice, but also these center seats, which have dividers between them, but they also have the ability for that divider to go down and center doors to slide open, so that you have four seats, so like a family of four or four business colleagues can have a meeting together. I think the ability for the seats to have the central divider down is a great thing. I wonder how many people will actually do this for. I mean, I’ve put them down now so that you can see what it’s like. This is how they unlock the door. So that’s now, it’s got a special device. I imagine when they do the new version of this door, this will be a lot easier. Then these are the doors being opened. You’d obviously have to have the permission of the other passengers to do this. These are obviously locked in position, so it has to be unlocked. Then those central dividers go back. And then, if you’re very lucky, you have four seats like this. Okay, so here it is with the central divider down. There’s this control here. You see that little thing there, so I’m gonna press that. Hopefully, you’ll still be able to tell me, watch how quickly. If your partner displeases you, that’s what you go for. As you see, the side seat lifts up, and you’ve got storage underneath where the bottle of water and the headphones live, and you could also put some other things in there. You can see there’s plenty of power. That triangular thing just to the right is for headphones, then you’ve got USB, and the power socket, and then next to that the touch screen handset, which can be pushed out. Like that. This is what those backward seats look like when they’ve got the divider halfway down. It goes a lot higher than that, so if you didn’t know the person, it wouldn’t be a disaster. Those seats are E and F, whereas these ones are D and G, the forward-facing ones. You can see there… They’ve got the console table in the middle. Very different the seats because obviously those forward-facing ones have got that pop-ups, the sort of pop up and pop down armrest, with storage underneath, and that console table, while these ones that go into the double bed, the console table is by the side there so that the seats are close together, and you can do that double bed effect. I’m just videoing the seats going down fully flat. When the central divider is down, then you put that leather thing in-between the two, and as you can see, creates a double bed. When you are choosing the right seat, bear in mind that if you actually want to have it as a double bed, which is not made-up here, but at least you can see what the bed would be like if you put bedding on it, you do need rear-facing center seats…………………


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    • True, but when they got on board they all had a big debate and in the end they did move into one of the quads once we were in the air

  • Another great review. This Qsuite is very innovative but didn't realise you would need a FA and a special device to unlock the central dividers like that. Thought it would be by press of s button. Still a unique J class product though

    • Thank you – it is very innovative, I agree, and I think later versions of the seat will improve on some of those things.

    • I thought the same. Perhaps it's to ensure the F/As maintain control of the dividers to avoid passengers taking it upon themselves to unlock them, causing privacy issues.

  • Really not sure that there is a better review on here of the QSuite. Very well done and helps my planning. Thank you !!

  • Extremely nice video, just a quick comment, you have compared Qatar Business Class to BA Business Class, honestly BA J class cannot be mentioned in the same sentence to the liking of 99% of ALL airlines…. They are so bad !!
    Thoroughly enjoyed your video, thank you

    • Business on BA looks awful, if you’re the poor guy in the middle seat in the aisle row you’re in the line of sight of both passengers on either side of you. I’d rather travel in the cargo hold then endure that uncomfortable staring the whole flight.

  • Qsuite is an excellent product, I fly to the far-east often so it would be great if the same or similar product was available on airlines with direct flights from Europe to the far east overnight flights. The only problem I have with Mid east airlines is having to change aircraft halfway in the middle of the night

    • Absolutely – the CEO certainly thinks of it that way, and so do the staff onboard. For the rest of us it's an interesting discussion. I suppose First Class will always remain that because of the low number of seats in the First Class Cabin of whichever airline it is. Thank you for your comment.

  • Nice review!! Only for the seating: i think the closest to the window do not give the most privacy becouse someone who walks by can look relative easy over the "wall"

  • Very nice review this time. But there is a bug I don't expect from a pro like you: you have been flown in an A350-1000 but not 8350-1000 as mentioned a couple of times in the subtitles 😉

  • The Q suite is the best business product in the sky.

    On Qatar, the Q suite offers a first class service on a business class product.

    BA need to significantly up their game as the the club world product and service is poor!

    The only issue with the Q suite having extensively flown the LHR-DOH-PVG route is the limited storage for your clothes.

    Other than that, worth flying the Q suite.

  • Great Video! Found it really professional and great! I got 1 question, wouldn't it be nice if more airlines did this like Malaysia Airlines (my favourite airline) or Emirates?

  • Good review, I am looking forward to my first time in Q Suites from JFK to Doha on A350-1000 and then onward via Qatar's 777-200ER. The seating arrangements are not as complex as presented here, nevertheless, a thorough review.

  • Very nicely done. Thank you for a very thorough explanation of the features of Qatar QSuite. This was, by far, the best review I've seen because it was not hurried and gave a complete view of the seating options. Usually, I skip the food tour because I don't fly for the food and would expect it to be good. The seat, on the other hand, is what I want to see because that's why I fly business class.

  • Wonderful review – Thank you! Do you know if the divider between the window seats can be lowered, so passengers sitting in those alternating forward-facing/rear-facing seats can face each other?

  • For travelling with my mother would we be better off with central closer rear facing seats or the further apart forward facing ones (also in the centre)? Are the forward facing seats too claustrophobic with the sliding door right next to seat?

  • Nice suite, but the screen too large, hence it gives you a headache if starred at too long. Another problem Qatar block off all the seats in the middle seats online. Two of us booked and had to accept single seats that was not ideal.

  • I heard on another YouTube channel that Qatar Airways are not consistent with their flight planning so say if I purchased a Qsuite business class seat from Perth London the airline could change the plane at the last minute & I could very well end up in a standard business class in a 2-2-2 configuration?

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