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EP146: Farnborough Airshow Qatar 777 and A350-1000, QSuites Business Class and the Qatar Economy Class cabin. Also talking to Aerobility, the F16 demo, Boeing 737 Max air display, cargo planes, and more. I’m vlogging from the Farnborough International Airshow 2018 covering the trade show days and public air display at the weekend.

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Aerobility website: http://www.aerobility.com

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  • It's interesting that Qatar went for 2 x 747-8 freighters in their cargo fleet, which have no commonality with their pax fleet. I guess it must just be the best fit-for-mission, or maybe they got a healthy manufacturer discount?

    I guess when you've got a royal family bankrolling you, you can do what you like!

  • Awesome video. keep doing what you're doing! Love seeing the size of the 747 when someone stands next to it, really puts the size of it in perspective. Did you happen to look up at the vertical stabiliser from just below it? It's insane!

  • F for Farnborough and F for fun, fun, fun! Not to mention that classic Viper! One of my all times favs.
    Those Buses get prettier and prettier as each new gen phases in.

    Great vid, Stef!

  • Great video Stef as always! Watching this morning it’s making me want to come back again today 😃✈️👌🏻

  • Really great video , great presentation . Did I hear the commentator say at 9:30 that the 737 had its first flight in 1957 ? . I think not,
    It was 1967 ..Not your fault of course , it’s just me being pedantic . Keep the videos coming , loving them .

  • Loved your Day 1 video.
    Guess what though. I've just finished watching a program on Prime 7, by the name of "Flights From Hell: Caught on Camera" and your video clip complaining about the legroom in business class was on the program.:-)

  • Thanks for the cup of coffee I got with your free internet points! …excellent reporting ☕💖

  • Brilliant as always mate. Now who'd neg this, loved the disability flying info, good to pass this kind of details on.

  • You gave me flashbacks to my days of loading B747 Combi A/C for Korean and Lufthansa Airlines from my American Airlines days…

  • Went a few years ago, so incredible to watch those big airliners doing slow manoeuvring in front of you! The year we went there was an A380 there doing it, one of the most amazing things I've ever seen!

  • great video Stef ! enjoyed a couple of Farnborough airshow visits a long time ago…..cannot remember the exact years but the ''brand new'' A300-600R was being put through its paces ! good memories

  • Brilliant airshow video – looking forward to sharing with friends. Might have to rejig my skyscanner UK trip to focus on Qatar! Q Suite…sweet!

  • Farnborough is definitely on the bucket list! cool to get a glimpse!

  • Yee haa is right, those near-vertical takeoffs. It must really be fun to fly those demos. Your excitement is uplifting, like a kid in a candy store.

  • hey Stefan, i put off my love of aviation thinking I would do my ppl when I was older. but in 2005 i struck a moose with my car breaking my neck and leaving me a quadriplegic. Thanks for the information on the charity organization to get disabled people to fly. i will never be able to be a pilot but i will check out how they get people in and out of the airplane. my wife and daughters want nothing to do with aviation unfortunately. in the meantime i satisfy my passion for aviation watching Youtube videos like yours. thanks for all your great videos!

  • As of Friday CX have two -1000 The 3 wheeled boggy is very interesting with the centre wheels of the boggy being slightly narrower for turning easy. Excellent video !! See you at Avalon 2019 ! 🙂

  • One of the best experiences I had was the tour of the Boeing Factory Washingtion state and seeing the over sized planes that bring in the shells of the new aircraft.

  • Nice video Stef! You should try and meet up with Yabionav Aviation while you're there, would really like to see him on your channel and vise versa.

    • Sadly not this year, a few friends are going and it looks (as always) like it’s going to be awesome. Have a great time if you’re heading over. Definitely one of my favourites.

  • Great video as always, but………….RIAT is better !! Try to make it one year you won't be disappointed.
    I should probably add that RIAT is held at RAF Fairford and that's my home town so I'm a little biased 😊 keep up the good work Stefan!

    • Haha it’s good to be proud of your hometown airshow. I’ve always watched RIAT content and thought about visiting so I’m sure it will happen one day, soon hopefully.

    • Hey Tyler, I'll definitely be there next year, not sure on days as yet though. I'll post some details closer to the time I reckon. Or keep an eye on my twitter account (@stef747).

  • Casey Neistat of the Aviation vlogging world (only with something interesting to listen to!). Loved it!

  • Hello Stefan…I would like to meet you, lets collaborate together? I live near Windsor. I am going for next East born show in August, if you are please do let me know and lets meet up and do something together?

    • Hey, thanks for reaching out, but I live in Australia – was just visiting for a couple of weeks. Enjoy Eastbourne, sadly I won't be attending.

    • Ahhhhh shame…never mind if you come next time do contact me. I have subscribed you so will be in touch again.

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