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1:14 – Engine start
4:40 – Taxi
24:20 – Takeoff
43:27 – Ground speed reaches 1000 km/h
51:42 – Top of climb (Sorry, GoPro ran out of battery)

HongKong Airlines uses an A350-900 on such a short flight! With a a nice tailwind it goes over 1000 km/h (ground speed)!

Flight date: 2018-01-21
HongKong Airlines Airbus A350-900 (A359)
CRK254 (HX254)
Hong Kong – Taipei

GPS Recorder: Garmin Oregon 200

GPS overlay done mainly using Dashware. For some reason, Dashware refuses to show calculated speeds over 500 mph (805km/h), so I have added Garmin VIRB overlay to show the actual ground speed while flying faster than that speed.

Dashware data fields:
Ground speed (knots, km/h, mph)
Flightaware Altitude (feet)
Rate of climb / descent
Latitude / Longitude
Local time

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