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Europe Trip | Finnair A350 Economy Class Experience – A Bird’s Eye-View
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Airline: Finnair
Route: Incheon, South Korea to Helsinki, Finland
Flight time: 10 hours 14 minutes
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
Registration: OH-LWH

Welcome to my vlog and I want to share to you my Finnair onboard aircraft experience in Economy Class. Finnair is the flagship carrier and largest airline of Finland. I am one of the most lucky person to grab a great deal with this airline and I am quite nervous honestly as I haven’t flown to any European country or with any European airline.

We arrived at the airport probably an hour early. We were 2nd to check in our luggage and they handed us blue tags for our check-in luggages. As soon as we checked in, they handed us yellow tags for our personal baggage that we will take in the cabin. The check-in went on smoothly and I did not hear any complaints at all.

At the boarding gate, we obviously arrived early and there is no tension, no chaos, no troubles, no stress at the gate. There we were pre-checked and asked to line up to which group we belong. We were called in according to groups and boarded properly and smoothly. The aircraft crew was organized and synchronized as they worked on the floor. As soon as we enter the aircraft, we were greeted by the flight attendants and handed us a mini bottle of water.

We were delayed for 30 minutes to take off because one person had a little issue and we had to wait until everyone gets settled. We were supposed to leave at 11:20 am and we were in air about 12:00 noon. We were handed warm wet towels to freshen ourselves. After an hour, they served us lunch from local host which is Beef Bulgogi and Spicy Seafood. On this flight they were nice to offer wine, champagne and hard liquor with the meal. They also offered extra beverage after lunch.

The flight attendants are so courteous and they offered endless water during our flight with all smile and very happy to assist every passengers. I salute this great attitude and ethics at work. I expressed my gratitude every time they assisted me for food and beverages.

So far, I have never experienced any comfort like this in any air transportation company I have traveled with. I would say my experience is a superb, Class A service from the flight attendants even if we were seated at Economy Class. I highly recommend this flight to those everyone.

Thank you all for giving interest in watching my videos. I hope you can give me a feedback on what you love most about the video and the areas that needs improvement. I am not a professional videographer or photographer and I am open to fruitful comments to improve my craft. Thank you once again and keep on watching.

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