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So how does the same airline compare across 2 different aircraft? I recently flew on China Eastern from Australia via Shanghai to Amsterdam – one leg was on the 787 and the second leg was on the A350.

This review covers that second flight and I can honestly say that the A350 offered a much better customer experience. To see the China Eastern 787 review click on this link: https://youtu.be/XoWYkzaQK4I

This China Eastern A350 business class flight review also covers Shanghai Airport and compares it to the traditional transit hubs of Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi.

Onboard I cover the China Eastern business class seat, the inflight service and their entertainment system.


Route: Shanghai (PVG) to Amsterdam (AMS)
Length: 5,542 miles, 11:10 hrs
Flight: MU771 Seat 12A
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900 registration B-304D (Oct 2018)
When: 3 June 2019

Camera: Panasonic HC-VX1

This video may not be reproduced without specific permission.

Q&A Video: https://youtu.be/6VoRFtNDC04
The Business Trip: https://youtu.be/xgNXuBTyDTQ
The Business Trip – Indochina: https://youtu.be/pkNcpk2whLU

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  • Always look forward to a Dennis review. Even got a bonus tea review this time! 😆 Are you doing a Cathay Pacific A350 business class review any time soon? I'm flying MEL-HKG-DUB with them in November and would love to hear your thoughts!

  • Been watching VASAVIATION… great ATC/PILOT channel. How these guys handle emergencies is amazing to hear, and very emotional. And Dennis pops up now, and brings me peace in flight.

  • It's funny, a day after this is published Josh Cahill does a review of the new A350 on China Southern!

  • Personal note for you, Dennis. I know a few folks didnt believe what I had said about my dad watching Jebs vids. Dont care. He passed peacefully three days after my post. And I know, for fact… you and Jeb gave him joy. I dont know how to thank you.
    Ill stop now. THANK YOU.

  • I like your way of presentation, cinematography. I never miss your videos because they are meant for increasing knowledge base towards tourism aviation in business & first class unlike Mr. Sam Chui (I used to be a strong follower of him ) who has diverted towards his updates related to Sponsorships & commercialization ( Not really relevant to normal travellers)

  • Excellent review. Thanks for showing the menu in a way that I could read it. Very few other vloggers do that and it's quite frustrating. The menu on a long haul Business Class flight is an important factor in choosing an airline. Kudos to you for taking the time to do this. Take care and Happy Travels!

  • Saw the "flour based food" and laughed. Can't get away from the Chinglish even in the sky. It says 花式面食 – fancy pasta

  • I was wondering why all of the shops were closed in the background, then I saw a departure time on the monitor of 00h40. Another great video.

  • I’ve always thought they were not that good but your review was good enough to change my mind thanks

  • What makes China Eastern particularly interesting is that you can use QF FF points. Because they are evidently happy to take the discounted FF points price it means you can almost always get business class seats on QF pts through to Europe.

  • It’s definitely not ideal to fly from Australia to Amsterdam via shanghai. The duration of the whole journey is way too long.

    • The affordability of the tickets more than makes up for it, I guess? I think that the Chinese carriers have some of the most affordable business class tickets out of Australia.

    • True for us from Berlin the optimum route is with Finnair, but if the price is right, I don't mind 2 hours more in business, just a little more sleep, and I manage to sleep 8-10 hours in these tubes, no prob.

  • U should try out Eva air next time imo they have the best inflight service among Chinese airlines also you could get lobsters for dinner if u preorder it on the website

  • Ah, they updated the cabin design. It looks really nice and private, almost like Qsuites of Qatar's .Last year I flew to Thailand via China Eastern. Seats were comfy. Food was well….they can improve it. The Champagne was never served chilled, someone said it's a cultural thing about not serving ice cold beverages in Asia/China? Yeah I was lukewarm about their lounge in Shanghai. They don't have champagne or good French wines.

  • Good report. Still it can better if you watch "NonStop Dan" or "Simply Aviation". Your videos are becoming more of food menu reviews only not full airline review – Hard & Soft Producs

  • Hay Dennis, I have got an airline who have managed to hold a 4 star rating for 3 years. I have traveled with them, in Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy. The airline is called Vietnam Airlines.

  • China eastern airlines doesn’t have 787. It’s sister airline shanghai airline . U should change the title. A350 is definitely much better

  • I once got PJs on an MU A330 from SFO to TAO. I have never gotten them with MU before or after that. Don't know what the special circumstances were!

  • Im for sure gonna try that flight dennis . but my favorite is KLM 428 AMS to DTW (detroit) KLM does an excellent job . great quality in my book. and I just love the Schipol Airport.

  • Great video! China Eastern offers great fares and their A350 BIZ class is wonderful! Have a good one catching up with your family and friends! 😊

  • I would never fly mainland Chinese airlines – don't you agree that the meal serving looks real cheap and lacks drama??? And forget about the lounge and the airport – it's no where near as vibrant as Hong Kong or Singapore airports, especially the shops and the lack of magazines as everything is banned!

  • i never had good eggs for breakfast on planes, not even on emirates. Very good in lounges but not in flight

  • Love your channel and have been watching your videos for a while. Thank you for your informative reviews. I’m about to head from the UK to Brisbane to visit my sister. For the first time in a while, I intend to travel Business Class. I’d be curious on what you might recommend to make the experience special? Tanks for wonderful content. Much love from Reading in the UK.

  • Nice review again Dennis! Especially looking forward to the London Perth nonstop! I hear it’s Qantas’s highest rated service!

  • A350 better than B787 – why is that a surprise?! Delta seems to have convinced its partners to align on the suite-based J class. China Eastern's suite is nearly identical to Delta's, and it's a seamless experience as you connect to/from the US. The entire plane is nearly identical to Delta's A350 except the color and since minor fixtures.

  • wow i didn't noticed that details, i never seen that kind of business configuration before on a asian airlines execept qatar airways(middle east)named qsuite, and i'm sure at 100% getting a budget business class ticket from or to amsterdam isn't compliqued

  • Good video! Schiphol is coming home for me. I flew CX ams-hkg frequent and recent in economy. So glad the a350 replaced the 777 on this route because CX is going to 10 abreast in there. Triples…
    Hope to see a KLM review one Day! Celebrate there 100 birthday!
    Hope you had ‘gezellige dagen’ with friends and Family.

  • Did you happen to pay much attention to cabin noise between the two aircraft ? I have flown the Qantas 787 and Cathay 350 recently and felt the 350 was significantly quieter than the Dreamliner ?

  • Hey Dennis, I have a question for you, do you travel to post this videos or just for fun and take us with you

    • Hi Erik, it's just a hobby that's gotten a bit out of hand. My day job is in the travel industry so I fly a lot – this just keeps me busy during the flights and allows me to share my experiences. I've got a couple of Q&A and The Business Trip videos on my channel which explain more. cheers D

  • Excellent video. Very informative. But hated the loud background music – quite unnecessary in my opinion.

  • I dont know about business class , but economy class is hopeless and the service was terrible… very rude ground staff…never fly with this airline again…in my life.

  • Seems almost 70% of people who have flown both the 787 and 350 say the 350 is a better aircraft. I guess the differences are all too clear when you fly in both products with the same airline in the same class when both aircraft have the same seats. Nice video.

  • that has to be one of the worst airport business class lounges I have ever seen in my life, the toilet especially screams Pyongyang HAHAHA

  • What was super annoying with China Eastern biz class seat is the TV overhang right above the knees. I couldn't sleep at all as I like to move my legs around and kept bumping into it.

  • I avoid the 787..and the 737 (much harder!) I found this a nice compact review which certainly lowered the Fly via China threshold!

  • I won't consider China as a transfer hub. Every place feels crowded and there are apparently a lot of restrictions, the internet being just one of them.and the hospitality feels little off track. But as always Dennis lovely interactive video. Just love it. The flight and the crew were certainly good though.

  • 9:55 Pu Er is a very expensive tea, should be very nice, and for Jasmine Tea, all depending on how the cabin crew prepare this, also water used should be no bottled type mineral water or tab, but has to use arthesys pure type of water, and no over boiled too.

  • Flying from the US to many parts of Asia can often be accomplished cheaper if connecting through China, but I've always been reluctant to do so due to the numerous horror stories I've heard about flying through Chinese airports. Hopefully its getting better.

  • As a Chinese, it's nice to see you reviewing a Chinese airline, especially China Eastern which is my hometown airline. Hope you enjoy your time onboard and welcome to China.

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