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It’s here! I flew on the British Airways A350 Club Suite to see what it’s really like. It’s the most hyped product British Airways have released in years, and is a flight I’ve been looking forward to for months. But is the British Airways A350 Club Suite all it’s hyped up to be? Here’s my honest review.

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  • Hehe…i like a trip report when it is not scripted….me myself just started my own trip report. Check out my videos and please support my channel by subscribing. Thanks 🙂

  • You’re being far too critical. It’s a 1-2-1 configuration in comparison to a previous 2-4-2 configuration, offers a lot more storage, space and privacy. The carpet on the wall is a noise dampening material. It is a competitive european business class product and you need to be realistic that it is a mode of transport and not a hotel room.

    • I have to agree it’s a great step improving on what they have on the 777 and 787. Aren’t some of those a 2-4-2? 1-2-1 is up there amongst the best and 27 inch width! Good for you BA, hope you replace all the fleet with this new club world.
      Sorry yes they are 242 you already said that

  • Josh Cahill thinks the new Business Class of Turkish Airlines on Dreamliner is Claustrophic, I really wanna know what he’ll say about this Product. 🙃

  • Curious. Why choose two 'K' seats? Why not compare with either the smaller cabin or the centre ones? No washroom check? The Virgin A350 cabin will make this look like Ikea when it is launched later in the year.

  • BA is dreadful compared to Emirates/Qatar/Etihad etc. Why on earth would you do this sort of thing? Does YouTube pay well for ‘reviews’?

  • Not great that already after only a week in service that a suite has a faulty door, hopefully just a teething problem but it does look like BA have opted for the cheap option on the quality of the suite with the cheap plastics. Actually it looks rather poor for the money that BA will charge you to sit there. After a few months of use I can imagine the suites will look very worn with broken plastics etc

  • Oh dear, a chance for B.A to catch up with the Middle Eastern carriers and they blew it. Cheap and cramped what a waste of an opportunity. They’ve opted for profit over customer experience and tried to cover it over with their reputation and that of the A350. What a shame.

  • British Airways…..today demonstrates a very sad representation of the decline of the once great British Empire.
    Showing off… not too fancy a frock, with definitely….. NO NICKERS!

  • Over critical for a off the shelf product it’s no different to their airlines that use he same seat and you thought westjet was good ??

  • Thanks Noel. Great review. It seems that BA continue to struggle with the concept of Business Class and a seat that should be a leader in the industry has not emerged.

  • Always good content & info Noel. Did I miss the cost per mile etc on this one? Gives me an idea if I can afford the route of not as you seem to be great at finding deals. Also thanks for the info on safety wing insurance!

  • Great review love the A350 but not the BA one, I am a big lad and could not suffer that bed for a twelve hour flight will go with another airline.

  • I know you’re a BA fan so this is why you’re videos show honesty . Slightly disappointed by you’re review bit still nice to experience and they are trying hard to compete 👍

  • I think your review is ok… but this business class seat is much much better and improved from the previous generation. However, I totally agree there are faults but, its not gonna be pitch perfect because nothing ever is. I wouldn't even think the Emirates A380 first class was perfect, as I've watched lots of other Avaiators reviews on that.

    But still quite good!

  • Having now done the trip I have to say that I loved the new seat. I agree it is not the most capacious of Business Class seats but I found it more than adequate for my average size. The suite door would, I feel, come into its own when trying to sleep on a red-eye flight as it provides a barrier between yourself and the cabin crew walking up and down the aisle. This is one of the things that prevents me from sleeping well on flat bed seats. Some might find it claustrophobic, others will enjoy having their own private little cocoon I guess. As for the design, I didn't find it cheap and I actually prefer it to some of the other airlines' offerings as it isn't trying to be ostentatious. Whether it stands up to wear and tear remains to be seen of course. The suite door already has reliability problems – it took a bit of work by a couple of cabin crew members to lock mine open before landing. There may well be better seats out there but BA are back in the game as far as I'm concerned.

  • Fantastic video Noel. I did the Madrid flight you took with a Boeing 767 the other year. I strayed a few hours and had a 777 on the return leg.

  • Absolutely gorgeous plane, base model with no extras whatsoever fitted out for lowest possible cost by BA. It won't look so shiny in a years time, especially with their current no effective cleaning of longhaul cabins strategy. Given the existing issues with BA's; pricing, reliability, ability to load enough catering, catering quality and hostile customer services, I would always choose to #flyabba where there's a choice.
    So, won't be booking BA unless forced to, even if the alternatives are superficially a few pounds more costly because the reality when you've paid the surcharges for seat choice, some snacks in case they "forgot" to load enough food, etc and the additional costs when things go wrong BA are in fact more expensive than the vast majority of the alternatives.

  • Loving the content noel, if you ever come back to orkney let me know and I can give you a tour of the island! I was on LM434 from Glasgow today on the SF34 and yes the tunnocks caramel wafers are a staple with loganair, best wishes.

  • Okay this is not about the club world cabin…. But I noticed that on the 787, even American airlines has better seats than ba…

  • Great video Noel, I was lucky enough to travel on the same aircraft in 1A a few days after you. I made my own little video of the features and gripes. I share some of your comments, but not all! In the main i think its a good step up for BA.

  • That looks so much better. And 27inch width sounds so much better. I manage to sleep on air India’s 22 inch bed but it’s a little tight. Emirates seems really tight I’m guessing it’s 20 or just below.
    Wow you felt that bed was tight? Try Emirates or even BA’s other club world seats

  • Fair review of the seat but always comparing to the Middle Eastern Airlines is unfair with their government subsidies. BA needs to turn a profit.

    • Coke Cans And Winglets While granted they dodge corporation tax, they also pay full price for fuel – which is the biggest cost involved for airlines. They should be making a fortune, but instead make less and IF they provide a better service than others, maybe they deserve it. Thoughts?

    • @Alex Warburton Well if that's the case then how do airlines like Singapore Airlines who offer a better product than the ME3 make profits? They have to pay for fuel too.

    • Honestly i have no problems BA sucking so bad as long as they dont mess up the avios awards … im from malaysia an BA ffp is the best of them all … i dont mind the 4 sector mileage run a year .. but im surprised with the food tho, thepointsguyuk got caviar ffs!

    • When it comes to fuel, i believe all of premier airlines have special fuel hedge contracts so would be bad management if they dont hedge properly and paid full price … but like my earlier comment, BA has the best ffp in the world sans USA but even that BA offers 100% bonus for AA flights

    • Exactly!! I’m sorry but I do see most opinions on this review as underrated, irrational and far-fetched. Government subsidiaries in comparison to the UK really do sum if off, and in turn, BA have done an exceptional job with what they have. Comparing to Middle Eastern airlines is unfair and a completely different standpoint altogether!

  • I’m lucky to be able to travel Club and 1st on BA and whilst this looks a great improvement in every way for Club, I think it was a missed opportunity to make The Club cabin feel a little more premium and a pleasing place to be. All those grey and neutral tones – was it the cheapest trim colour option I wonder? Almost reminds me of those compartmented bland desk spaces in US offices. What about abit of colour to reflect the aircraft livery BA?

  • Another excellent video Noel. I work in corporate travel and I learn more from your videos than from our airline suppliers directly.

  • So I have time to watch Full Flight videos. I can always stop the video and play it again later. So whenever you make another Full Flight video that would be awesome! Thank you.

  • I'm glad u posted this honest review. You can tell the seat configuration is very narrow and the bed is small. Meanwhile on Sam Chui channel he just says everything is great! Soo bias

  • Not sure what you were expecting. It’s a welcomed change from the ying/yang, an off the shelf product like many other airlines BUT with upgraded features to it. The mirror cupboard is on other airlines so the sarcastic BA having extra buttons comment seemed immature. Maybe adjust your expectations in future. BA is a business without an endless pot of cash.

  • I’m sorry, but I don’t think you’re meant to go on flights and repeatedly push and touch different parts of the seat!!!! This is a new aircraft and yet you’re already damaging it!

  • You keep saying how parts are really thin…. But the aircraft needs to be light to fly! The heavier the aircraft the more fuel it needs… But the A350 is a very fuel efficient aircraft. It might seem cheap and tacky but everything has a purpose somewhere 😀

  • I am English and fly a lot,.I am not a seaonsed aircraft expert but as a traveller I think I am bit sad this is the best the UK can offer. I have flown business Qatar to the far east for work and I would not choose this option. When I think of what the UK has made over the last 200 years it is a sad reflection on where we have gone. Very poor. Honest review I agree but more an honest review on the UK in general. Sad. Qatar are awesome and Etihad biusiness and I have done them both many times. Qatar wins it for me but British airways shite now.

  • hi noel
    i work at AIRBUS on the A350 lovely wing to work on
    and i do agree with you airlines choose cheap interior WHY WHY as you said it will not be long till it,s shabby
    JUST LIKE RYANAIR come on BA look after the customer
    kind regards neol
    ian airbus

  • It looks OK now, but that thin, cheap plastic will not age well. Adding a door with questionable usefulness and calling it a "club suite" no doubt allows them to charge more than plain ol' Business Class. Overall, not as spacious or elegant as some other airlines, but appears functional.

  • Question for BA? Why is it a safety requirement to keep the sliding doors shut during take off and landing? Shouldn’t the exit way and aisles be clear in case of an evacuation? I mean you can unlock and slide the door open but those are vital 2 secs wasted.

  • Feel like you went into this with a set idea of how it was going to be and their was pretty negative about it. Kind of damages your integrity

  • I like the honest review.. I think the sooner Alex Cruz goes the better… It's time to Make British Airways Great Again. Cruz won the race to the bottom and lost customers like myself.

  • I don't know why, but British Airways just DOESN'T get what upgrades means. They don't know Business Class, Premium Economy or even First Class compared to the other top airlines. It's sad, cause BA was one of the best in the past. Bad executives at the company. They are awful.

  • Interesting comment about the quality of the plastics. I suspect Qantas have done a similar thing with their current newish business seat in the A330s and 787s and I doubt they'll hold together well. I'd also tend to agree about the doors being unnecessary as the privacy is already pretty good and it just makes everything seem more enclosed (and coffin-like).

  • to be honest, this isnt really the best route to review a product thats ment to be tested on 9 to 15 hour flights. But still nice with the honest feedback.

  • so the seat is basically the aerospace superdiamond, just with a door. Wish more airlines would have something like that.

  • Delta One business class on the A330, A350, and 777 remains one of my favorite products because it’s not claustrophobic but it’s still super private.

  • BA taking on more planes just to fly YouTubers around, all busy going nowhere 🙂 despite watching a few difference flight reviews i.e Dennis Bunnik etc, I've not come across Noel before, God knows what You Tube's algorithm has been doing, been on holiday I'm guessing, Better late than never, good job Noel, subscribed.

  • I am so sorry: the video is quite nice (as always), but:
    nasty claustrophobic boxes in this BA business class; it looks like a calf stable

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