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Complete review of British Airways brand new A350-1000 Club Suite Business Class from London to Toronto.

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Airline: British Airways, BA
Aircraft: Airbus A350-1000
Aircraft registration: G-XWBB
Flight date: October 15th, 2019
Route: London Heathrow – Toronto Pearson
Flight numbers: BA93
Seat: 17K
Contact for general questions and business inquiries:
[email protected]



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  • British Airways Club Suite:HARD PRODUCT (seat): Amazing!!SOFT PRODUCT(meals, onboard services, etc.): Absolute s***

  • The length of the meal service is unacceptable. Plastic wrapped food in business class: tacky.Paid pre-reserved seats in biz is a total rip off.The length of the cubicle should be a little higher. This cabin configuration is 10000 times better than the dumb backwards seats on their existing equipment.

  • British airways – the amount of people who tell me they fly with them for holidays – they’re not even good. I once did the London to Alicante route on its A319 – it was basic. If I could I’d fly Ryanair. I’m doing a transatlantic soon but not really looking forward to it

  • Wow, I hope BA Management saw your video.. Charging for Business Class seat selection is just downright price gouging. Business class seat cost between 42550 to $6000 RT on flight from Philadelphia to London, Flown on American, Qatar, Delta, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa. not a single one of those airlines charge seat selection on Their Business Class products.The Food Service in Business Class is shocking.

  • The way you formulated your conclusions is fantastic and although there's no chance in hell I'm flying BA for more than the cheapest product they have, I was like "YAS DAN!!! TELL EM!". I was honestly weirded out when you described the employees' situation at the very beginning, I wasn't aware it was a thing. They are litteraly throwing underpaid/under trained? attendents under the bus just because they can? How un-european this sounds? Anyways, that alone is a severe turn off.

  • i've stayed on the 37th floor in the same hotel and the same general area! great location and super glad you found this hotel

  • Me and my family have been on emirates first class 4 times because I have family who live in Dubai. We are supposed to be going to Toronto business class in November. In the summer we are going to Australia quantas first class. Btw you have great informative videos.

  • Thank you for the review. It was helpful to allow me to choose which airline to fly business during my next European vacation.

  • I know there is still a couple of issues, but we can all agree that this is WAAAAAAY better than the old product!!!!!!

  • If you have a gold card you can choose your seat for free on booking, if your silver card holder I think it’s a month before check in and if your bronze like me 7 days before check in sadly I think I am going to lose it this year rip.

  • Okay so my father works for BA and I may be bias bc of that but I always end up flying club bc we get 2 free flights a year which is super nice but I do agree that they can be super pricey 👋

  • Here’s a story for you -Once BA’s director of customer service upgraded my seat from economy to business as he had been a customer of mine and wanted to pay me back for my service. He emailed me on the day of departure telling me to head to the galleries lounge upon arrival. Then when I got to the gate I found out I’d been upgraded. Everything was going great until I got onto the aircraft. At that point I was literally treated like a 2nd class citizen. The female crew member was so horrible to me and continuously ignored my requests that eventually I went to the galley. I was asked if I was ok in to which I replied I wasn’t as I didn’t feel like I was being treated the same as everyone else. I then asked them if they knew director of CS and told them his name. One or two of them said yes they did so I then pulled out his business card and told them he’d gifted me this flight as he was a customer of mine. The look of absolute fear and disbelief stays with me to this day. I’m not normally one to do such things but literally when I did, EVERYTHING about that flight changed. They couldn’t do enough for me; food, drink, preparing my bed. Waking me up pre-landing with a special gift and more food. I said to them “why did it have to come to this to start being treated fairly?” An experience I will never forget.

  • Personally, if I had this business seat and had paid 0000's for this, I would want a refund – food was pathetic, service was pathetic (no turn down service!?) – what's going on!

  • Unfortunately, BA has ceased to be a premium carrier a long time ago. They are an absolute joke. Charging $108 for a seat booking is unacceptable.

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