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Deployment and spin up of the Ram Air Turbine (RAT) on the Airbus A350


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    • It's not meant for thrust purpose. Basically when an engine runs it generates electricity and allows hydraulic fluid to flow through the aircraft, let's say in a duel engine failure you have no access to that power and the apu doesn't work aswell for some reason the RAT with deploy and use the fuel on board to generate power such as a wind mill but fuel powered, without this and without power the plane is unable to be controlled at all, no ailerons, no rudder, no pitch, no trim, no gear, no flaps, and no spoilers or any brakes.

    • @unenthusiastic salt  I'm pretty sure he was joking… And that is also not how the Ram Air Turbine works. It has nothing to do with fuel. One of the main reasons it is there is as a back up in an emergency such as running out of fuel. So making a back up that depends on fuel to back up the back up (the APU) which also depends on fuel would be a big no. The ram air spins the blades which turns a generator producing 230V emergency power which can provide power to essential components such as electric hyd pumps for flight controls. Most RATs produce hyd pressure which turns a generator to produce electricity but the 350 is different in the fact it produces power and not hyd pressure much like the ADG on the CRJ