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Hi guys 🙂
This video concludes my cabin crew working positions series. Many of you wanted to know which working positions we have on our A330, A340 and A350 planes, so I decided to go ahead and create the third and final video in this series.
I hope this video is informative and helps you understand what all of the different cabin crew working positions on an airplane entail.
Please let me know if you have any additional questions concerning the working positions inside of an aircraft or flight attendant life in general. Suggestions for future videos are also always welcome.

In case you haven’t watched my cabin crew working positions video for our A380 planes or our short-haul planes, here are the links:
A380 https://youtu.be/zK_of24yNsc
A320 https://youtu.be/OmwD2uMYo2M

Thank you so much for watching and I will see you on Sunday with a new flight attendant vlog.

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  • Hey, Verena, which classes do you usually work on? I’m disappointed that Business Class is the minimum requirement to get a window seat with a view of the engines! I like to save money but hate cramped seats because of my tall 1.85 m frame so I love at least Premium Economy Class! But once I launch my own company, I’m going to make Premium Economy Class my default seat but get free upgrades to Business or First Class depending on my frequent flyer miles! My aim is to make Emirates my official airline but I will definitely sample all other airlines!! I’m sure that I will become another Sam Chui one day soon!! ❤️

    • I prefer working in Economy Class most of the time. I can also work in Business Class and if we are short of First Class flight attendants then I'm also allowed to work in First Class since I have received training for it. It always depends on the plane, but lots of planes have engine views in Economy Class or Premium Economy Class (e.g. the A380). It will always depend on the airline's seat configuration where each class is located. Good luck with the launch of your company!

  • Looking forward to your next video on Sunday. Can't wait. So inspiring. I hope to have you on one of my trips as a flight attendant.

    • I'm so glad to hear that! It's already uploaded and pre-scheduled for tomorrow since I will be at work when it goes live. I'm excited to hear what everyone thinks about it since it's a little different from my usual vlogs. You never know, maybe I'll end up being a flight attendant on one of your trips sometime.

  • Does cabin crew get complimentary meals catered for, or do they have to bring their own or buy plane meals? Most American Airlines working domestic seems to pack their meals for a 2 or 3 day trip which means like 9 meals plus snacks

    • We don't get crew meals catered, but we are allowed to eat whatever meals our passengers don't eat. For instance in Business Class there are usually more meals catered than there are passengers, so on most flights there are some meals for the cabin crew. Even if there aren't any hot meals left, we always find something to eat on the plane, even if it's only bread and cheese. So no, we don't have to bring our own meals (although many colleagues do) and if we want to make sure that there is a certain meal for us on board then we can purchase a crew meal before the flight (we have a list of available crew meals that we can order). If I work a short-haul trip then I usually meal-prep and bring some food with me too because on really short fights we don't serve hot meals. But if I work long-haul flights then I don't really bring much food with me on the plane because we usually can't take fresh food off the plane outside of the European Union.

  • Interesting info. A friend of mine is a retired FRA based P2 who worked primarily on the 343/744. When he started, he was on the 737-200 and DC10, and 2-3 week trips to Asia were not uncommon. Times have changed. 😁

    • Oh wow that's so cool that you're friends with a retired P2 who was based in FRA. I bet he has tons of interesting stories that he can tell you about his time as a flight attendant/purser. I have heard of those trips. They also had an Australia trip that was 21 days long back in the 1980s. Yes times have certainly changed. I feel like this job has gotten more family-friendly since trips are usually shorter, but at the same time the trips itself have probably gotten a bit more stressful since there are just so many more flights operated every single day.

    • I’ve heard of that Australia trip too. I think it was routed FRA-DXB-KUL-SYD-MEL-v.v….and it took the better part of a month because it was just a 2-3 times a week flight.He has tons of stories…He met his wife on a weeklong layover in MRU I believe which was a once a week flight at the time through NBO. The job is much more family friendly now. 😃

    • I've heard of another routing where they had a layover in Singapore too, they probably had different routings throughout the years. Yes exactly, it was only a few flights with many days in every destination. Oh wow what a story! Lucky you that you get to listen to all of his stories!Yeah that's definitely true.

    • Yes, I’ve enjoyed his stories a lot, and comparing them to how things are now. 😁Which begs the question..are you aiming for the P1 position at some point?