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Welcome to my first Airbus compilation, 30 minutes of pure European sexiness! At first there are A320, A330, A340, A350 and A380 with datailed information about their first flight, their amount of orders and so on. Enjoy the video and subscribe the channel, see you!


00:00 A320Neo of Easyjet
01:29 A330Neo of Delta Airlines
02:44 A340 of Swiss
03:39 A350 of Delta Airlines
04:47 A380 of Emirates
06:29 A350 of British Airways
06:55 A321Neo Aer Lingus *Epic Condensations*
07:21 A340 of the German Airforce
08:30 A350 of Qatar Airways
09:30 A321Neo of British Airways
11:00 A330 of Air Canada
11:49 A350 of Qatar Airways
14:15 A321 of Swiss
15:10 A320Neo of Swiss
16:55 A330 of Turkish Airlines *Unstabilized*
17:35 A350 of China Airlines
18:42 A330Neo of Delta Airlines
19:46 A350 of Delta Airlines *Gear Closeup*
20:40 A350 of Delta Airlines *Face to Face takeoff*
21:49 A350 of Delta Airlines *Butter landing*
23:05 A320 of Wizzair
24:48 A320 of Aegean Airlines
25:08 A321Neo of British Airways
25:35 A321Neo of British Airways
26:40 A321Neo of Easyjet
26:54 A320 of Easyjet
28:00 A320 of Eurowings
29:15 A320 of Wizzair

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