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Apologies for the re-upload from yesterday – there seemed to be a few glitches on YouTube which meant only part of the video was actually visible to viewers.

11 Close Up Takeoffs & Landings at Manchester Airport on runway 23L and 05R.

Aircraft filmed are from different locations on different days, so aircraft on the takeoff roll will be different from the aircraft on rotation.

Tui 767-300 takeoff heading to Rhodes
G-OBYF (first flight in 1998)

Virgin Atlantic 747-400 landing from Orlando
G-VAST (first flight in 1997)

Thomas Cook A330-200 takeoff heading to Goa
1st: OY-VKF (first flight in 1999)
2nd: G-TCXB (first flight in 2008)

Singapore Airlines A350-900 landing from Houston
9V-SMN (first flight in 2017)

Monarch A320 takeoff heading to Gibraltar
1st & 2nd: G-ZBAT (first flight in 2007)

Tui 787-8 Dreamliner landing from Cancun
G-TUIH (first flight in 2015)

Tui 757-200 takeoff heading to Mahon
1st: G-OOBH (first flight in 1999)
2nd: G-BYAW (first flight in 1995)

Thomas Cook A330-200 landing from Las Vegas
OY-VKF (first flight in 1999)

Etihad 777-300ER takeoff heading to Abu Dhabi
1st: A6-ETJ (first flight in 2012)
2nd: A6-ETI (first flight in 2012)

Emirates A380 landing from Dubai
A6-EDV (first flight in 2012)

Jet 757-200 takeoff heading to Tenerife
1st G-LSAH (first flight in 1987)
2nd: G-LSAA (first flight in 1988)

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