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21日,首架在中国完成交付工作的空客A350飞机由中国东方航空集团有限公司接收运营。截至2021年6月,空客A350系列飞机共获得来自全球49家航空公司的915架确认订单,并已完成交付436架,中国市场占其全球订单总数和交付量的约10%。The first Airbus A350 aircraft to be delivered in China was taken over and operated by China Eastern Airlines Group Co., Ltd. As of June 2021, a total of 915 confirmed orders for Airbus A350 series aircraft have been obtained from 49 airlines around the world, and 436 of them have been delivered. The Chinese market accounts for about 10% of the total global orders and deliveries.

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