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Hi all, I’m finally back in the air again, this time off to Switzerland for a couple of days, luckily I found some flights to Zurich onboard Swiss widebodies, outbound on an A330 and back on the A340. The main reason for use of the widebodies on this shorthaul route was for transportation of cargo.

A great flight over to Zurich, sadly the flight was hardly full, for an A330-300 only 45 people had boarded the aircraft, 45 out of 236 seats! really quite shocking and sad when you think about it. Once onboard the crew came round and gave all passengers hand santisation wipes and also moved a few passengers for the trim of the aircraft. We then pushed back and headed for Runway 27R to leave Heathrow. Some beautiful clear skies as we made our descent into Zurich, lovely and green. Look out for the clear views of Paris CDG as well during the cruise.

Overall a great flight with Swiss, just a shame the flight was hardly full, ironically the flight back to London was much busier , which is a surprise considering that Switzerland is on the UK quarantine list. Speaking of which, yes I am now quaranting for two weeks.

Look out for my flight back to London on the Swiss A340-300, as well as some spotting videos from Zurich Airport. Lastly if you enjoyed this video then feel free to drop a like and comment and subscribe if you’re new

Flight number: LX317
Aircraft registration: HB-JHL
Seat number: 28A
Engines: 2 x RR Trent 772B’s
Age of Aircraft: 24th Feb 2012 (8.6 years)
Configuration: F8C45Y183
Flight duration: 1hr 17 mins
Scheduled time departure: 09:25 (BST)
Approx time of departure: 09:38 (BST)
Scheduled landing: 12:20 (CEST)
Approx Arrival time: 11:56 (CEST)
Departure runway: RW27R
Arrival runway: RW14
Cruising altitude: FL390
Date of flight: 07-09-20

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