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22-DEC-2020. A Delta Airlines Airbus A330-300 (A333), performing flight DAL73 / DL73 from Amsterdam Schiphol international airport (Netherlands) to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson international airport, GA (USA), after departure reported about problems with gear and requested a hold. Being in a hold the crew decided to return and to make an overweight landing.

PART OF TEXT VERSION OF COMMUNICATIONS THAT I’M ABLE TO INCLUDE HERE. Do you want more? Write in comments and I’ll give you remaining part of text communications (Read if subtitles in video were fast):

TOWER: DAL73, RW 24 cleared for take-off, 280 at 10 gusts 15.
DAL73: DAL73, cleared for take-off RW24.
DAL73: Departure, DAL73, is with you, passing 2000 for FL60.
DEPARTURE: DAL73, identified, climb to FL130.
DAL73: FL130, DAL73.
DAL73: Departure, DAL73.
DEPARTURE: Go ahead.
DAL73: Yes, ma’am, we… We’re working on a small problem that we have with our landing gear. We’d like to get a lower altitude and a place that we can just go into a holding till we can figure it out.
DEPARTURE: Climb to FL60, please.
DAL73: FL60 for now, DAL73.
DEPARTURE: DAL73, turn right heading 340.
DAL73: Right turn 340, DAL73.
DEPARTURE: DAL73, turn left heading 290.
DAL73: Left turn 290, DAL73.
DEPARTURE: DAL73, [keep radar informed] on 123.705.
DAL73: 123.075, DAL73.
DEPARTURE: Frequency is 123.705.
DAL73: 123.705.
DAL73: Amsterdam, DAL73, we’re on FL60, turning 290. We’re working with numbers. We have a gear problem.
RADAR: DAL73, that’s copied. And FL60 is sufficient?
DAL73: Yes, sufficient, sir. If we can do delay vectors or going to holding, your choice.
RADAR: Whatever you prefer, sir.
DAL73: We’d like prefer holding, we have time, DAL73.
RADAR: DAL73, roger, proceed to SUGOL (S, U, G, O, L) to pick up the hold.
DAL73: Cleared direct to SUGOL to hold, DAL73.
COMMENTS: DAL73 entered the holding pattern.
DAL73: Schiphol, DAL73.
RADAR: 73, go.
DAL73: Yes, sir, company advised that they would like us to return to Amsterdam. So when, when we’re able we’d like to start our return to Amsterdam.
RADAR: DAL73, that’s copied, give me a call. FL 60 is still sufficient.
DAL73: FL60 is good altitude for us and we’re ready to return to Amsterdam.
RADAR: DAL73, that’s copied. Stand by short for your approach.
RADAR: DAL73, turn right to SPL. You plan RW27.
DAL73: DAL73, turn right direct SPL for RW27.
RADAR: DAL73, do you need any assistance on the runway?
DAL73: Negative, sir. We just can’t get our landing gear to come up.
RADAR: Roger.
RADAR: DAL73, will it be an overweight landing?
DAL73: Affirmative.
RADAR: Roger.
RADAR: DAL73, contact Schiphol Approach 121.275, good day, sir.
DAL73: 121.205, good day.
COMMENTS: DAL73 contacted Approach. Unfortunately, a little part of recording is unavailable. Continue watching.
DAL73: …yes, sir, we’re gonna need to continue back to Amsterdam and get some gas.
APPROACH: DAL73, that’s understood, descend altitude 3000, QNH1010. And would you be ready for an approach after you lose some altitude?

——- This is maximum I can write here. Do you want more? Write in comments and I’ll give you remaining part of text communications ——–

THE MAIN VALUE IS EDUCATION. This reconstruction will be useful for actual or future air traffic controllers and pilots, people who plan to connect life with aviation, who like aviation. With help of this video reconstruction you’ll learn how to use radiotelephony rules, Aviation English language and general English language (for people whose native language is not English) in situation in flight, which was shown. THE MAIN REASON I DO THIS IS TO HELP PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND EVERY EMERGENCY SITUATION, EVERY WORD AND EVERY MOVE OF AIRCRAFT.

Source of communications – https://www.liveatc.net/ (I have a permission (Letter) for commercial use of radio communications from LiveATC.net).
Map, aerial pictures (License (ODbL) ©OpenStreetMap -https://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright/en.) Permission for commercial use, royalty-free use.
Radar screen (In new versions of videos) – Made by author.
Text version of communication – Made by Author.
Video editing – Made by author.

1) I monitor media, airspace, looking for any non-standard, emergency and interesting situation.
2) I find communications of ATC unit for the period of time I need.
3) I take only phrases between air traffic controller and selected flight.
4) I find a flight path of selected aircraft.
5) I make an animation (early couple of videos don’t have animation) of flight path and aircraft, where the aircraft goes on his route.
6) When I edit video I put phrases of communications to specific points in video (in tandem with animation).
7) Together with my comments (voice and text) I edit and make a reconstruction of emergency, non-standard and interesting situation in flight.

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