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Welcome onboard this Interjet A320
Class: Economy (Priority Fare)
Origin: Leon/ Del Bajio International Airport (BJX)
Destination: Tijuana International Airport
Flight Time: 2 hour 54 Minutes
Wheels up time: 3:39 PM
Landing time: 4:33 PM
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Registration: XA-JAV
Date: May 13, 2019
Recorded with: iPhone Xs

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Welcome to iTripReport’s flight reviews, which I focus on reviewing both the soft product and hard product of airlines around the globe. I strive to give you guys a first person perspective of different aspects of the flight. Including the ground service, onboard service, and those views that come with the flight. As you can see, I record quite a lot of the experience to make sure I record what you want to watch. As always, thank you so much for watching.


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  • Me gustan mucho tus vídeos, muy originales; espero que filmes uno de Durango a Tijuana o CD México, o viceversa, Tijuana a Durango CD México, gracias; saludos cordiales desde Tijuana BC México.

  • Interjet has really worst customer Services Customer of all airlines. don't fly in this airline. They don't care about the customers.

  • Que no le den ni un centavo al corrupto Alemán y que no consiga ningún cliente para que la compre está al borde de la quiebra.
    La gente pendeja debe no comprar nunca más boletos de interjet debe de ir a la quiebra como lo hizo con mexicana. Interjet Renta aviones y están todos culeros y viejos. Cada pasajero que compró boletos en Estados Unidos debe demandar a INTERJET por millones de dólares ya que aquí esa familia asquerosa comete el delito de tráfico de influencias y PROFECO para maldita la cosa.
    Pasar la voz que debe ir a la quiebra y que se quede el Estado Mexicano con ella.

  • Ami me robaron la maleta de mi abuela todas sus joyas y dinero son unos malditos perros ladrones cobardes pero parceroz algo si les digl ami la patrona me da luz verde y los acabo uno por uno hijos de puta ratas humanas

  • I didn't know they were dropping the bjx route to lax and tj. damn, that's bad luck as i live in la, use tj airport and go to bjx.

  • Never having been in Mexico,airport code-wise,how do you get 'BJX' out of Guanajuato? Are Leon and Guanajuato neighboring cities? I'm guessing you have dual citizenship,seeing that you carry a Mexican passport–BJX's altitude at 5000ft is roughly equivalent to departing from Denver(Mile High City)–Thinking that I've seen one or more of your vids leaving from Tijuana,I believe once you arrive,you can literally walk across the border within the airport–do I dare to ask you here your opinion of the US immigration mess?

  • Love interjet so disappointed they are dropping lax from bjx I was just on lax-bjx two days ago the flight was completely booked like always( I fly it twice a month at least )surprised they are dropping it but united did the same only leaving Aeromexico connect and volaris on lax -bjx even tho it's a top international route outta bjx my guess part of the reason could be there is a lot more people going thru Queretaro to get to SMA instead of going thru bajio like everyone did before

  • Ah good ol interjet , seats are old but comfortable.Light snacks, better than nothing
    Edit: since when does Hainan fly to Tijuana?!

  • Interjet is great and all but just like all airlines in Mexico there is a big reliance on Mexico City as a hub and as important as that airport is it’s crowded and in this case led to a delay.Let’s hope they try to stay away from the MEX connections.

  • I’m going to punta cana in August on American Airlines on a 737-800 I want to kn if the plane going to have PTVs or we have to use our device ??

    • Ishrion Aviation thank you so if it has a C on the registration it won’t have but if it had a E on the registration it will?

    • Lookup AA Google Fleet Site which is usually updated. If your aircraft registration is "Classic" it won't have PTVs. If it's Enhanced, it should have PTVs. You can use FlightRadar24 to find the registration. You won't know for sure until usually about a day before the flight since aircraft are rotated around.

  • YASSSS!!!! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! My mom is a travel agent and my whole family gets to travel a lot because of my mom. My dad is a travel agent too, so I and my siblings get to travel a lot. I've been to almost all 50 states in America. I will be going to Disney World In June. Super happy. Love your videos!! ♥♥

  • There's no wifi hmmm but you can you can use your network unless it doesn't work or there's no service

  • Nowadays Interjet is flying to Ecuador 🇪🇨 Quito & Guayaquil from Acapulco and Mexico DF pretty good service and good fares we connect at Guayaquil in transit to the Galápagos Islands 🌴

  • Ahora mismo interjet 80% de sus vuelos sale. Tarde y no te avisan te hacen cobros a tu tarjeta sin tu autorización yo recomiendo si vuelas de usa uses aerolíneas americanas Yo viajo seguido de usa a Mexico y tuve mucho problemas con volaris y interjet Ahora uso Alaska y no e tenido ningún problema además sus aviones son más modernos Aerolíneas americanas

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