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My first flight since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic! As someone who flies every few weeks, having not been on a plane for over 4 months has been quite a struggle. So since EasyJet had started a small number of operations over the last week or so I thought I’d test the water out with a domestic flight. The flight was only £14.99 from Glasgow to London Luton. Glasgow airport is actually new for me! I’ve never flown in or out, I’ve done Inverness, Aberdeen & Edinburgh many times. But oddly never Glasgow, so a new one for me to tick off.
The flight wasn’t overly busy, with around 90 passengers. We were all pretty well spread around the cabin and those not travelling together were on their own row. As with trains, passengers were encouraged to occupy window seats to allow for others to pass in the aisle at a safer distance. Boarding took place by seat row, which is pretty normal. However when you book a specific seat (which obviously I did for the video) you get given speedy boarding allowing you to board first. But they are not allowing that at the moment, so passengers at the back of the aircraft were called before anyone else and row by row from back to front the aircraft was boarded to minimise congestion in the cabin and allow for social distancing.
A beautiful departure off of Glasgow’s runway 23 heading in a south westerly direction. Climbing out towards the peaks of the borders & lake district. Passing a few rain showers during the climb out before passing the cloud layer and climbing through into the sunny skies above. Stunning views of the Lake District and Cumbrian Coastline down below as we make our way south, passing over the top of Manchester with a good view of the Etihad stadium. Passing just to the west of East Midlands airport where we began our descent for Luton. Passing to the west of Milton Keynes before turning east to fly in parallel with Luton then come back on ourselves for an approach over the top of Stevenage into Luton’s newly renumbered runway 25.

Airline: EasyJet (U2)
Aircraft: Airbus A320-214
Age: 9 Years
Seat: 5A
Departure Runway: 23
Cruising Altitude: 29,000ft
Arrival Runway: 25
Flight Number: EZY76
Date: July 10th 2020
Distance: 322 miles
Route: GLA-LTN

08:00 – Take Off
11:52 – Beautiful rainbow & shadow effect on the clouds
16:20 – Lake District
18:18 – Passing over Manchester & the Etihad Stadium
19:10 – East Midlands Airport & top of descent
22:50 – Cloud hopping to the south of Milton Keynes
30:43 – Over the top of Stevenage & a Great Northern class 387
33:00 – Final Approach & Landing

As always by *Full Flight* I mean that the video includes all stages of the flight from departure until arrival and everything in between.

Thanks for watching this flight video!

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