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Friday 07-JUN-2019 saw this British Airways A320 in BEA Retro colours depart Edinburgh Airport

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  • I flew out of Glasgow one day to London on a Trident in those colours. Taxied out behind another BEA Trident 3B in the slush and snow and watched him blast down the runway heading east and then it was our turn. As we picked up speed we shimmed left and right and the end of the runway seemed to be on us in no time , then up we soared and I could see the other Trident crossing over the city. When we reached London we banked over the east end and Tower Bridge. I could hear Till Death us do part ringing in my ear. Thanks Jim, this brought back a few memories.Comet 4B's, Vanguards, Viscounts and British Eagle 1-11s and British United 1-11s used to pass over my house in Bearsden n the early years.

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