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Hello! Welcome to another TAWD Trip Report! Today we will be flying on one of American’s LUS Airbus A320’s in First Class! Enjoy!

Airline: American Airlines
Flight: AA1320 Boston Logan Airport-Charlotte Douglas Airport
Aircraft: Airbus A320 (N128UW)
Flight Time: 1hr 51min
Class: First
Seat: 3A
Date: December 7th 2019

Music: Epidemic Sound
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  • Awesome trip report once again! Those were some insanely beautiful views on takeoff and landing! Also, did American not allow you to pre-select a meal? I thought they did that in first class or maybe it was for international cabins only.

    • I never received any notification that I could select a meal. AA says that you can select it from 30 days to 24 hr prior to the flight. It could have been because the flight was relatively short. Thanks for your comment!

    • Thank's so much for your comment! That meal service was quite disappointing! Looking forward to seeing your videos!

  • Did AA not reduce the pitch from 38" in F from the old cabin? Seems like the older cabin would have more space

    • According to AA's website, the a320's and legacy US airways a321's have 36 in of pitch. The AA a321's with the Seatback screens (a32b) have 39" of pitch in first). The aircraft I was on (N128UW) is one of the few AA a320's to have the more modern Airbus Interior. Therefore it has the newer LUS First Seats. Thanks so much for your comment and thanks for subscribing! More TAWD Trip Reports coming soon!

  • @Traveling Adventures with Dan. Your flight was not scheduled as lunch (as you referenced) flight. What you were offered is AA's "lite bite" option. It's a snack provided during slots between their meal windows. Had it been a breakfast/lunch/dinner flight; the "yes", AA permits customers to pre-order entree selections (as you reference about DL). My negative about these older US Airway's jets, no in-seat entertainment. In fact, there are still a few A321's that do not have even seat power outlets. AA's present leadership believes customers should bring their own PEDs on board to live stream through the aircraft's WiFi system – if/when it's working. It's been stated, that eventually all aircraft will have in-seat entertainment removed (except wide-body long range), and all will have seat power outlets.

    • Good to know. I had figured that this flight just didn't offer a lunch or dinner because for one thing it is a short flight with an actual flight time that is less than 2 hr and it was after lunch and before dinner. It seems like personal device entertainment is what most US airlines are going to for Domestic Flights. Delta has opted to keep the IFE systems.

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