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European plane maker Airbus on Wednesday delivered the first A350 aircraft from its wide-body completion and delivery center in Tianjin, north China, marking the official launch of the A350 production in the country.

Going through production flight tests in Tianjin, the aircraft, delivered to China Eastern Airlines, one of the three major airlines in China, is equipped with technologies that could help lower 25 percent of fuel consumption and carbon emission.

“This is also the first time that the latest generation of wide-body passenger aircraft in the world A350 is assembled and delivered from China, which has enabled Tianjin to be the only city other than Europe capable of both single-aisle and wide-body aircraft delivery. We expect to deliver five A350 aircrafts in China this year, 2021,” said Xu Gang, CEO of the Airbus China.

In 2020, Airbus delivered a total of 99 commercial aircrafts to China, accounting for 17.5 percent of its annual global deliveries, according to Airbus China.

The company in 2008 inaugurated the Airbus A320 family final assembly line in Tianjin. By the end of 2020, Airbus had assembled and delivered more than 500 commercial aircraft from the facility. It is committed to extending the capacities of its Tianjin facility from narrow-body A320 series to wide-body A350 series.

歐洲飛機製造商空客公司週三從其位於中國北方天津的寬體和交付中心完工交付了第一架 A350 飛機,這標誌著 A350 在中國的生產正式啟動。


“這也是世界上最新一代A350寬體客機首次在中國組裝交付,使天津成為歐洲以外唯一一個同時具備單通道和寬體客機的飛機交付城市。我們預計今年,即 2021 年,將在中國交付 5 架 A350 飛機,”空客中國首席執行官徐剛表示。


公司於 2008 年在天津啟動了空客 A320 系列總裝線。到 2020 年底,空中客車公司已經從該工廠組裝並交付了 500 多架商用飛機。它致力於將其天津工廠的產能從窄體 A320 系列擴展到寬體 A350 系列。

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