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Footage of my inbound flight from Rome to Gatwick, after a short city break in Rome. This was the first time I travelled with British Airways on short haul and I had mixed feelings about the airline and service provided by the airline and Euro Traveller.

1. Boarding on both flights (outbound flight was not filmed) was very civilised, with no fighting for overhead locker space and no pushing and shoving. I particularly like the way British Airways boards passengers in group numbers. Since I had hand luggage only which was the lowest fare, I was in Group 5 and so was the last to board.
2. Very lenient hand luggage policy. You could bring one small bag (e.g. handbag, laptop bag) which would go under the seat in front of you and one large cabin bag, which would either go in the overhead locker, or be placed in the hold free of charge if the flight is busy.
3. Friendly and very professional cabin crew.
4. On the outbound flight, we landed at Rome 30 minutes early! The inbound flight landed back at Gatwick around 15 minutes early,
5. Both landings were very smooth.

1. The fact that British Airways has turned itself into a pseudo budget airline, by scrapping complimentary refreshments in Euro Traveller on all short haul and domestic flights. Instead selling selected M&S products on a buy-on-board basis. You still get complimentary meals and drinks if you travel Club Europe. They also charge you £13 per person, per flight for allocated seating. I didn’t bother, but still got good seats via using the airport check-in.
2. The inflight service was quite slow. On the outbound flight, it took nearly an hour for the cabin crew to reach my row, although the inbound flight didn’t take so long. It doesn’t help that British Airways doesn’t accept cash as payment and so the cabin crew were having to fiddle around with the card machine and going back and forth to the galley to retrieve any refreshments that wasn’t on the trolley.
3. The safety video was a bit too cheesy for my liking. Although it did crack a few smiles and laughs from the rest of the other passengers.
4. The rather misleading title of the afternoon tea they sell on afternoon flights. I ordered one myself and for £5, it contained a fruit scone with small pots of Tiptree Jam and Devon Clotted Cream. But I had to pay an extra £2.50 to have a hot tea to go with my afternoon tea! For £5, it ought to include a tea or coffee with the scone.

However, despite those few gripes, I would not hesitate using British Airways again. If they stop turning themselves into a pseudo budget airline, then they will become a brilliant airline again, like they were in the past.

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